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How to make sex toys

How to make sex toys? This utility model relates to a vibrating rod, especially an innovative structure that can greatly reduce its vibration noise.

How to make sex toys--background technology:

The vibrating bar referred to by the utility model is a vibrating massage product whose appearance is set in the shape of a rod. Some products will further expand the ends of the rod to form an appearance similar to that of dumbbell products. For the human hand to hold, its vibration will make the hand feel numb, to achieve a certain degree of massage and a soothing function.

The reason why the vibrating rod can generate vibration is mainly that it contains a battery pack and a vibration motor electrically connected to the battery pack, and a switch is provided outside the vibrating rod to control the opening and closing of the vibration motor status.

However, there are still some problems and shortcomings in the actual user experience of the vibrating rod. For example, because the group setting method of the internal battery of the vibrating rod is usually achieved using the structure of the existing battery holder, its battery There is usually a large gap between the battery holder and the gap. Of course, the existence of the gap is mainly for the consideration of being able to pour out the battery and replace it. In the past, when the battery was not firmly fixed, and the vibration rod vibrated, the battery would violently vibrate in the battery holder, and then emit a harsh noise phenomenon, causing problems and deficiencies that greatly affected the quality and service life of the vibration rod.

How to make sex toys--technical realization elements:

The main purpose of the utility model is to provide a vibrating rod. To achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the following technical solutions:

A vibrating rod includes: a vibrating tube section, which is a hollow tube structure made of conductive material, and includes a first group connecting portion, a first end cover, and a portion between the first group connecting portion and the first end cover A first accommodating part; a vibrating motor, positioned in the first accommodating part, the vibrating motor has an eccentric vibrating part, a tail-end electric connection part, a peripheral wall electric connection part, and a tail end electric connection part An insulating ring connected to one of the electric connection parts of the peripheral wall, and the tail end electric connection part is directed to the first group connection part of the vibrating pipe section, and the electric connection part of the peripheral wall is in electrical connection with the inner wall of the first accommodating part; The power supply pipe section is made of conductive material and has two ends open through the hollow pipe shape. The double-open power supply pipe section includes two open ends and a second accommodating portion between the two open ends, one of which has an open end A second group connection part is provided to be combined with the first group connection part of the vibrating pipe section, and the other open end is combined with a detachable state and a second end cover made of conductive material; a control switch is provided at A second end cover, the control switch has a spaced-apart end-oriented conductive portion and a side-oriented conductive portion, the end-oriented conductive portion faces the second accommodating portion, and the side-conductive portion abuts the second end cover in an electrically connected state ; At least one battery, accommodated in the second accommodating portion, the positive and negative electrode terminals of the battery are respectively in contact with the end of the control switch to the conductive portion, and the tail end of the vibration motor is connected to the electrical portion to form a first conductive The lateral wall of the vibration motor is connected to the electrical part, the vibration tube section, the double-open power supply tube section, the second end cap, and the lateral conductive parts of the control switch to form a second conductive path.