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How to make your own sex toys

How do women make their own masturbation devices? Women are a lot shy than men in sex, and they are embarrassed to go to an adult store to buy a masturbation device, but there will always be needs in that respect when they are single. sex toys

, So that everyone can do masturbation at to make your own sex toys?

How to make your own sex toys--cucumber masturbator

Cucumber is a kind of masturbation prop commonly used by women. Buy a cucumber of moderate thickness, wash it, remove the thorns on the cucumber, put on a relatively strong condom, you can use it. If you like a little stimulation, you can not remove it. Sting, but be sure to put on a condom, otherwise, it is easy to get infected.

How to make your own sex toys--shower masturbation

This is a prop that is more suitable for bathing. When the whole body is cleaned almost, use the showerhead to aim at the private parts and use warm water to impact the vulva to the labia. Spray strongly to avoid injury and infection.

Harmonious sex life is an important foundation for stabilizing the relationship between husband and wife. To help the plain sex life add passion and creativity, some people like to use some fun tools to enhance sexual desire. The following editor will introduce the production methods of the three sex toys for you. Alternative sex will satisfy your sexual requirements and experience stronger sexual pleasure.

Homemade sex toys Alternative sex makes the pleasure more intense.How to make your own sex toys ,clips are very common, but clips that can be processed into sex toys require innate conditions. Plastic or wood, the clip supported by the iron ring in the middle is ideal. First, let the clip's strength become loose, and if it is too tight, it will easily hurt the delicate chest; secondly, remove some soft substances from the cotton swab or dish sponge, it must be thick, and then put the two small "mouths" of the clip "Er", in this way, there will be no pain when clamping the chest, only pleasure. Remember, iron and too strong clips can never be used! If the woman shouts pain, you must also remove it.

How to make your own sex toys--rubber gloves massager

When the glove is full, be sure to tighten the bottom, wrap it with plastic wrap, and then use a few strong rubber bands to bind it, to ensure that there is no air leakage or water leakage. If there is a better way. After simple processing, the rubber gloves swelled up like an angry pufferfish, and there were five small tentacles of different sizes! Use it to tease women's sensitive areas, or even tease the vagina with small tentacles, the effect is very ideal.

How to make your own sex toys--little lollipop plus mini fan

The following sex toy is a bit different, even a bit "perverted", but the effect is outstanding. First, find a lollipop, and then wrap the sugar balls with plastic wrap non-stop to make it bigger and bigger; according to the size of ordinary lollipops, it can be doubled, and the small point does not matter. Remove the fan head and bind the lollipop to the small motor. The method is more arbitrary, as long as it can be fixed and can rotate after it is turned on. When you're done, you're done and the homemade rotating massager is OK.

Although the method of making the above-mentioned sex toys is basically without danger, it is not 100% safe, so friends with no experience should not try it easily. It must be remembered that safety is paramount.