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How to order sex toys

In this technologically advanced society, there are a few people who manually control it. Now is the era of liberating both hands. The automatic aircraft cup is very popular with everyone. Let’s take a look at the evaluation of the use of the automatic aircraft cup to let you feel the hormones. breath. So how to order sex toys?

How to order sex toys--Evaluation

My girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, and we often see each other for a long time. I am reluctant to part with each other. On the birthday a few days ago, she mysteriously said that she would send me a birthday gift. The courier sent it to the unit. What came out, take it apart, my mother, this thing, quickly hide it, after going back to try it at night, it is so cool, it is simply the gospel of a foreign love, this gift has been sent to my heart, haha.

The quality of this cup is super good. At first glance, it is the design of a tall product. The evaluation of the use of fully automatic aircraft cups is very professional regardless of quality, service, or packaging. It is unexpectedly good. The sucking power is also good. There is no smell. The channel is very good. It's enjoyable, it feels particularly exciting, and it's very silent. Release your hands and it's great!

The material is very soft and has no taste. Like a real human vagina, it is still fully automatic. It is much more convenient than using your own hands. It is still silent. I used it quietly there, but I don’t know how to clean it after using it. Ask After the customer service, the customer service patiently explained the disassembly method to me, praised the service attitude, and it was a good shopping experience.

The baby can't wait to experience it once it's in hand. It's very enjoyable and ecstasy. The interactive voice is great. It's fully automatic. Just lie there, you don't have to do it yourself, and there is a super variety of ways to play. Washing, clean and hygienic, much safer than going outside.

The first time I experienced this airplane cup, it was so cool to watch the Luo tube fly! It is a perfect match for the evaluation of the use of the fully automatic aircraft cup, and then the slippery lubricating oil! It feels like a woman! Since then, I have never been lonely again at night. Some things need to be known! It’s cool, don’t want it, and it’s also hygienic. The design is very user-friendly. This baby has a good waterproof effect and is easy to clean. The real liberation of hands is pretty good.

How to order sex toys--Precautions for automatic aircraft cup

Although pleasure is important, the cleanliness of the aircraft cup can not be ignored. Before using the aircraft cup, it is best to wear a sleeve. After all, the silicone material intimately touches underneath itself, and there is still strong friction. Wearing a sleeve is safe and hygienic. Remember to add lubricating fluid before use. The lubricating fluid is accompanied by your purchase. The lubricating fluid can avoid injury during friction and increase pleasure.

Do you think that real-life evaluation has a sense of authenticity? After everyone has seen the evaluation of the use of the fully automatic aircraft cup, is it a good impression of this product? It does make you feel the greatest happiness. how to order sex toys? Orders can be placed in the Sexxxotoy Mall!