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How to sell sex toys

How to sell sex toys? The Sexxxotoy mall has a variety of toys in various styles. Let's introduce the latest one. The black frame can be drawn out to fix the mobile phone.

How to sell sex toys---packaging

The package comes with three small pieces of hard sponge pads that can be glued to the frame of the phone and pad the power/volume buttons to avoid being pressed. The board printed with "VR BOX" on the front can be moved to expose the camera of the mobile phone, but it is not yet known which application can combine the real-time shooting of the mobile phone with VR.

After wearing, it should be adjusted according to personal conditions, each lens can be moved back and forth, left and right. This adjustment method is very simple and inadequate, and it is necessary to control the strength of the hand to find the most suitable posture. If there is a knob to adjust the style, it will be more convenient.

How to sell sex toys---VR only

A serious VR dedicated video, when playing, has a picture on the left and right sides of the phone, which simulates the pictures that two eyes see separately. The perspective of some videos still looks very unaccustomed. Also, when I first put it on, I felt a little dazzling. It took a few seconds to get the two pictures combined, and I felt the three-dimensional taste. I don't know if it will be cross-eyed after long-term use. Installed a storm mirror application, the above two screenshots are the mobile phone interface when playing ordinary video, after clicking the VR on the left to play, two small screens will be generated. If you use VR to watch the ordinary video, the effective picture is very small, less than a quarter of the entire mobile phone screen, so it is not surprising that the picture is grainy. The VR glasses themselves do not have manual remote control. If you do not want to take off the glasses and pull out the phone, you can also use the head to control. You can bring up the control interface by lowering your head or raising your head by a large amount. You can complete a variety of operations by holding the cursor on the button for a few seconds by swinging your head. Currently known are play, pause, fast forward, rewind, volume adjustment Lock perspective, exit video, etc.

How to sell sex toys---European Cup

VR is here, the following is related to the European Cup. Yes, this is the European Cup. The above picture is a regular size compared with the size of the glasses case. It is said that it is not filled with sponge, and it is all colloid inside, so the feel is still a little heavy. The process of opening is very tangled because the team uniform is not printed on the cup body, just a layer of more colorful plastic. To further in-depth experience, while keeping the French uniform as much as possible, I just tore off its pants. Also, there are a few words on the manual that attracted me. Here I remind everyone to pay attention to food safety and choose qualified corn flour.

Unscrew the back cover and pull out the meat, see the picture below, I don't know if the scale is acceptable. The small hole is through. The big hole a few centimeters deep next to it doesn't know what it does. Adjust the air pressure?

How to sell sex toys--experience feelings

The passage is relatively small, it is okay to go in, but you can always feel that you are being squeezed out. Need to match the air holes on the top of the shell. After reaching the appropriate depth, use your fingers to block the air holes, and then you can feel the airtightly wrapped. The airtightness is indeed very good. Also, the shell is given a good rating, which is relatively thick and very sturdy, and it is not easy to slip.