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How to sex toys

It's a common phenomenon that masturbation is always used. Not only women masturbate, but men also masturbate earlier than women. So, do you know how to use a male masturbator? The male masturbator is a sex toy designed to release male desire. Men's masturbation flirting and teasing toys are used as flirting between couples. They have tools to enhance sexual desire, stimulate sensitive points in the body, and create a sex atmosphere. how to sex toys? how to use male masturbation?

The use of physical dolls is roughly divided into the following three steps: before use, during use, and after use, please see the detailed explanation below.

Before using the solid doll, the solid doll should be disinfected. It can be disinfected with aerosol spray, disinfected with tissue paper, or disinfected with medical alcohol. In order to maintain sufficient lubricity inside the vagina of the solid doll when using the solid doll, the lubricant must be used. If no lubricant is used, the inside of the solid doll is not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the vagina of the solid doll to rupture after entering and leaving. It is also okay if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication.

After using the solid doll, you need to clean the inside of the doll's vagina with clean water and disinfect the solid doll. Refer to the first step for the disinfection method. After detoxifying the physical doll, wash it with warm water and save it for the next time.

What we usually call inflatable dolls and physical dolls are all sex toys that belong to the inflatable doll series instead of real people to achieve sexual intercourse. Of course, there is another type of semi-solid doll that is also one of the inflatable doll series. In order to understand the difference between inflatable dolls and physical dolls, we must first understand the role of both of them. Both belong to the series of inflatable dolls. In fact, the role is similar. The role of inflatable dolls is a sexual masturbation device. To achieve the purpose of physiological needs.

In terms of material, it is generally divided into fully inflatable dolls, semi-solid inflatable dolls, and solid dolls. All three dolls have a good sales volume in the market.

How to sex toys--What are the similarities and differences between semi-physical and physical inflatable dolls?

The physical doll is made of imported silicone and silicone resin, which keeps the skin of the doll soft and smooth. The softness of silicone makes the chest of the real doll closer to the real human body, and the vagina and anus are soft, smooth, and elastic. Because the solid doll is made of silicone material, its hands, feet, and various joints are more flexible, and it also greatly improves the durability of use.

The authenticity of semi-inflatable dolls is the same in feel and appearance as semi-entity and full-entity, but the price of semi-entity fell sharply because of the hollowed out silicone inside. Because the doll is the same as the whole entity, only the silicone in the body is hollowed out, so it is called a half entity.

What are the similarities and differences between semi-solid and solid inflatable dolls? The general price of fully-inflated is relatively cheap, made of PVC material, without three-dimensional sense. Semi-solid inflatable dolls work better, generally soft rubber, the price is moderate, the head, breasts and private parts are formed, the body part can be inflated. The physical doll does not need to be inflated, and the simulation is the highest, but the price is also surprisingly high.