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How to store sex toys

The aircraft Cup is a male masturbation product. Male netizens should have heard of the Aircraft Cup. I also want to know how to use the Aircraft Cup and how to store it. But after purchasing the aircraft cup, they found that the use of the aircraft cup is not particularly simple. Some netizens have bought airplane cups. I also asked how to use the aircraft cup. Next, let's take a look at how to use the aircraft cup and how to store sex toys.

Turn the cup upside down, you can see a prompt arrow at the bottom of the cup, tear the direction of the plastic seal arrow. Then lift the lid, you can see the transparent silicone is exposed, a small sponge entrance, the lubricant should be withdrawn before use, there is a small cut in the silicone at the bottom of the cup, this seam is used for depletion, not broken, many friends think This is a broken product, but it is completely misunderstood. Since the imported parts of old products are all sponge materials, there is no need to consider the problem of the exhaust. Then disinfect, insert directly after disinfection.

How to store sex toys--Illustration of how to use airplane cup

Knowing the common types of aircraft cups, it is time to get into the topic. How to use aircraft cups? How to use and illustration!

Step one: Before using the aircraft cup, you need to clean it to avoid the contamination of Ding Ding with bacteria, or it is safer to bring a condom! Then start adding lubricant into the aircraft cup to put Ding Ding. At this time, you can use Ding Ding to rub back and forth at the entrance. The shape of the entrance of the aircraft cup is like a female's private part, whether it is shape or touch, giving yourself some space for imagination and doing enough foreplay. Insert it correctly. If you feel that you are about to set it in the process of entering, you should stop it. After a while, you will perform the following repeated thrusting movements. If you want to stimulate a little, you can directly press the top of the aircraft cup. Like entering the deepest and deepest pleasure in women.

After the proper insertion and rotation, the semen and lubricant shot by Ding Ding are processed. When cleaning the aircraft cup, pay attention to re-washing the aircraft cup, not to damage the entrance, and use a regular toy to clean it thoroughly. Avoid the breeding of bacteria.

How to store sex toys--How to store aircraft cups

Many people clean the aircraft cup by turning the aircraft cup to clean. This method is wrong. Flipping and cleaning can easily damage its entrance. The correct way is to open the inlet slightly, open the faucet, and let the water flow in. In the mold, until the water overflows from the mold, let the flowing water automatically rinse off the dirt inside.

Apply shower gel: Apply shower gel or soap to clean the inside and outside. Scrub repeatedly by hand.

Rubbing the inner wall: rub the inner wall with your fingers, or use a soft brush to probe into it, and feel that there is no sticky feeling of juice, which means that it is almost washed.

Wipe clean; after rinsing, use a dry cloth into the mold to wipe clean, do not wipe with paper towels, or leave paper scraps prone to breed bacteria.

Spraying disinfectant solution: Finally, spray special toy disinfectant solution inward, stand still for about 1 minute, and then use a dry towel to reach into the mold and wipe the cleaning disinfectant solution, and you are done.