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How to use anal sex toys

In real sex life, the man's sexual ability is very important to determine the quality of one-time life, and this is based on the length of ejaculation. If a man will ejaculate soon, then the quality of sexual life is certain, not good.

How to use anal sex toys? Sex toys are good substitutes for men's penis, letting women want as long as they want, don't be afraid to be like a man, ejaculate quickly, and don't worry about pregnancy.

How about sex toys? Intelligent heating, imported motors, 10 frequency conversion, silent waterproof, soft silicone, safe and comfortable, easy to clean are the advantages of sex toys, which shows that sex toys are very good.

Many women like to use sex toys when masturbating, such as sex toys, but when sex toys are inserted into the vagina, sometimes they will not experience the pleasure of orgasm, which may be caused by incorrect usage. So, how to use sex toys? Let's take a look.

How to use anal sex toys--how to use it specifically?

The first step: check sex toys, before masturbating, it is very necessary to check sex toys, because the safe and easy-to-use G-point stick will not cause harm to the body. Check the battery status. See if there is a battery in the battery box, the battery has enough power, whether the battery is damaged (such as the outflow of electrolyte-containing manganese, mercury, zinc, cadmium, etc.); check the status of the sex toys switch and massage head. The switch is not easy to use, and the massage head is not forceful, so it is very embarrassing to happen these things in the inserted state.

Step 2: Wet sex toys

How to use sex toys? Women's masturbation is not like this part where men do not need to be wet. Before masturbating, women need to apply non-irritating lubricant to sex toys.

Method: Put the head of sex toys upright, and then drop the lubricating liquid through the head. Note that this needs to be done before insertion into the vagina, do not apply it early.

Step 3: sex toys stimulate the vulva

It is very necessary to stimulate the vulva with sex toys, because not only is there a clitoris above the vulva that can make you ecstasy, but the nerve endings of the labia majora ears can also make women want to die. Method: Start from the labia majora and gradually stimulate with sex toys from the bottom up. Note that the clitoris is the last place to stimulate.

Step 4: Insert to find G point

How to use sex toys? After applying lubricating fluid, the next thing to do is to insert sex toys into your vagina. Don't be nervous, there is still much you need to do, be sure to find your G point.

Method: Let the massage head of sex toys tilt-up, and the G point of the woman is 2 to 3 cm above the vaginal wall. If sex toys feel vaginal wall folds in a certain place, congratulations on finding the G point area! Next, let G stick with you to enjoy the pleasure of masturbation together!

Step 5: Rotate sex toys

Sex toys can be placed statically in the vagina so that the G point and the vagina mouth can continue to enjoy the shock; you can also perform some additional actions to make sex toys more stimulating, such as rotating sex toys.

Method: After inserting sex toys into the vagina, you can still enjoy the shock sensation it brings, or you can use the curved parts of sex toys as the axis to perform appropriate rotation. This can bring great irritation to the vagina and around the G point.