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How to use male sex toys

The purple packaging gives a sense of mystery, and there is an impulse to unpack her and see what she is. There is a pull ring design on the top, which makes it easier to pull out the box. This design is quite user-friendly. This is the end of unpacking, so how to use male sex toys? The following is the function introduction. Such a good toy must find the most fun way, of course, the premise is to know all the ways of playing.

How to use male sex toys--function introduction

This is for girls, C-shaped design, double orgasm. The clitoral orgasm is achieved above and the stimulating orgasm below. Friends can use their brains to make up for the passion when they were in the same earthquake. Of course, I use the remote control. Long press the up button to turn on and increase the intensity, left and right is to switch the mode, the down button is to reduce the intensity, long-press the button to turn off. The external material of the small C is silicone, which is still very comfortable to touch, but it feels easy to stick to the dust, and the dust will stick to it soon after it is taken out. The small C uses lithium-ion charging, wireless charging mode, and comes with a charging box. The battery life is about 3 hours. The small C is charged in the charging box. When the battery is not fully charged, the charging lamp flashes; when the battery is fully charged, the charging lamp is always on. In addition to being controlled by the remote control, the C can also be controlled by APP, which is more intuitive. The following is an introduction to Durex-Connect. Small C can connect to the mobile APP through Bluetooth. First, there is a button on the head of the small C. Long press the button until there are two vibrations, then the small C will turn on the Bluetooth matching mode, and open the mobile APP to complete the connection. For Durex-Connect, my favorite is the DIY vibration mode. Every man with a small C is a bed artist. You can customize her favorite vibration method for your beloved woman. Click and drag the lovers' co-vibration massager to enter the customization. Learned the stand-alone version of the function, of course, to advance. Durex-Connect has the function of networking. Click to tell a friend, you can let your friends download this app, and then you can register, you can log in after registration. After logging in to your account, you can connect with your lover and realize the interaction of the online version. Even if they are thousands of miles apart, they still hold their palms. It is simply the gospel of a long-distance love couple, no longer have to worry about loneliness.

How to use male sex toys--two-person co-seismic mode:

My girlfriend and I personally tried Little C, and first used singly as warm-up foreplay, but at this time, my girlfriend can't stand it anymore. When using the two-person resonance method, the happiness is unparalleled, this is only possible The message was unspeakable. The whole body has a crisp feeling. Finally, talk about the precautions during use, mainly to ensure hygiene and safety.

The vibration intensity can be adjusted, the vibration mode can be DIY, and it can be shaken by both men and women.

How to use male sex toys--remote control

Remote control, app networking, and interaction bring the gospel to lovers in different places, her sexual happiness in the middle of the night is under your control.

According to my own experience, I suggest that you can use a proper amount of lubricant when you use it, and then you can let your girlfriend use it first. After a certain period, the men and women will shake together, and the amplitude should not be too large.