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How to use sex toys for men

The male vaginal masturbation cup is very easy to use and increases the fun. The masturbation cup can be used together with the other half to increase the fun. The masturbation cup can help many women understand the husband’s physical and psychological reactions, make the sex life more coordinated, and also in the physiological Meet the needs of each other during pregnancy and pregnancy. How to use sex toys for men? The patented realistic material of the masturbation cup is soft and has no strange smell. It is easy to clean and will not adhere to bacteria. The shell is durable and the internal silicone will not break. The passion for use is unlimited. The male vaginal masturbation cup is specially designed with high friction and pearl stimulation ring to help you get used to sensitivity and prolong the combat time. It is your best and safest private training master.

How to use sex toys for men--Illustration of how to use sex toys for men

Prepare two dishwashing sponges and one of the most common plastic gloves; second, clamp the plastic gloves with the dishwashing sponge, while leaving the bottom end of the glove 2-3 cm outside the sponge; third, turn the bottom end of the glove over Cup mouth, and you're done and ready to use.

How to use sex toys for men--how to use sex toys for men

Different aircraft cups have different methods of use. Here are the steps to use a Tenga aircraft cup. The first step: open the package and check the instructions. Step 2: Open the lid, you can see the transparent silicone is exposed, there is a little sponge at the entrance, the lubricating oil must be pulled out before use, there is a small cut at the bottom of the silicone, this cut is used for exhaust, It is not damaged. Many friends thought that the product was damaged. In fact, it was completely misunderstood. This mouth came out deliberately. Step 3: Apply the proper amount of lubricant to the entrance of the cup. When everything is ready, you can start inserting. For safety and hygiene, it is recommended to use condoms.

how to use sex toys for men--Do you need to bring a sleeve with the airplane cup

The male masturbation airplane cup has now become a necessity in the lives of many friends. Although many people are using it, and they are also satisfied with the pleasure brought by the airplane cup, we still need to know its taboo. In fact, when using the airplane cup, You can choose to wear a sleeve or not. Some aircraft cups are penetrating. If you don't have a sleeve, they will shoot outside the aircraft cup, which will cause inconvenience for cleaning. It is recommended to use a sleeve to avoid bacterial infection.

How to use sex toys for men--what are the taboos

Enjoying the pleasure of sex is the normal need of every normal adult. The appearance of the masturbation cup has brought surprises to many single men. The masturbation cup gives men more fresh and exciting feelings and has a good reputation. So, what are the taboos of the male vaginal masturbation cup?

Men's vaginal masturbation cup has a protruding super soft silicone large particle design, multi-speed pearl rubbing ring, let your little brother thoroughly feel the tenderness of the female vagina, and experience the best sexual experience. The correct use of the masturbation cup will not infect diseases, and of course, you don't have to worry about whether you will get pregnant or other troubles. The masturbation cup is your private toy, which allows you to possess it at any time and torn up at will.