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How to use sex toys video

How to use sex toys video? Learning to use the airplane cup correctly is also an indispensable part of sex knowledge. How to use the airplane cup? It is not a poke that is stuffed directly in and out!

How to use sex toys video--The inside of the aircraft cup is also mysterious

First of all, it is best to heat the interior, use hot water once or a special heating rod. Please be assured that a good aircraft cup, the material is extremely stable between minus 65-220 degrees Celsius, will not produce toxic and harmful substances, and will not break. Squeeze lubricant at the entrance, depending on your personal preference. It is not recommended to use shower gel or the like as a substitute. It is good for the body. I have not studied it, and some are harmful to the aircraft cup. Vaseline can be considered as an alternative. The reason is that petroleum jelly is also very safe. Your penis can be rubbed back and forth at the entrance, so that the penis is also covered with lubricant, of course, you can also directly touch the lubricant on the penis. Enter slowly, because you will not rush into the female ticket, and it is not recommended to develop this rotten disease. Especially virgins, if you feel like she, please stop entering, wait a moment, you can also pull out. In this way, you can repeatedly stimulate the head of the penis, gradually reducing sensitivity. It is helpful for future sex life. When entering G, your most sensitive parts are already in the aircraft cup. At this time, the first wave of feeling is here. The repeated application of this area is mainly to reduce the sensitivity of the penis to achieve the purpose of delay. When you get used to it, please go deeper. At this time, the head of the penis will be more stimulated, because there is a meaty process here, and the back part will gradually enter. It feels buoyancy, when the palm is submerged, it will have a sense of adsorption when you continue to press into the water. When the head of the penis passes through the G, there will be a little feeling of the head of the penis being released and enlarged, and then because the penis is tied up at the G, the head of the pen will become hard, just like you hold the middle and back of the penis with your hands It will grow the same; then the penis head above or below the penis head will be stimulated by the meaty process (the inside is a curve, depending on how you enter), you can imagine the penis head rising after holding the middle and rear ends of the penis with one hand Large, and then you gently shave the upper or lower penis head with your hands. So this paragraph can help the penis grow thicker and harder. Continue to enter the penile head stimulation area to change the position, the same is like repeated changes in your hand, of course, you can also imagine the tongue of the female ticket, the same effect. Many men, as hard as iron on the outside of women, lie down softly after entering, just because the force is not right here. When many men enter the position of women, they focus on the position behind them but do not subjectively experience the changes in the front, resulting in less feeling and softening. This position is a good practice area, try to feel the changes in front, it will be as strong as just. If you continue to enter, you will feel squeezed out, like the feeling of a woman arching out when she climaxes. And this section just completely wrapped the head of the penis, one squeezed out and the other inward, and each collision was the most all-around stimulation. Usually, when you reach this position, the men can't help doing the piston movement.