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How to wash sex toys

Sex toys have now become a necessity for mass consumption. Proper use of it can achieve the effect of masturbation and self-treatment. At the same time, because it directly contacts the private parts of the body, the cleaning of sex toys has also become a very important issue. So how to wash sex toys?

How to wash sex toys--Use with lubricating fluid

Adult masturbation devices usually have their own lubricating fluid, which is given to you by the manufacturer, but the lubricating fluid generally sent by the manufacturer is less different, so you can buy more lubricating fluid when you buy men's sex products! Men's sex products must use lubricating fluid because men's sex products do not secrete love fluid-like women so that your sex is lubricated. Only when the lubricating fluid is abundant, the appliance can make you feel happy.

How to wash sex toys--clean with water

Adult masturbation devices must be cleaned after use. You don’t have to worry about the sticky, slippery rough cleaning of the lubricating fluid during the activation process. Because the lubricating fluid is water-soluble, it will decompose in water. Adult masturbation can be washed clean!

How to wash sex toys--Clean thoroughly before use

The adult masturbation device purchased for the first time is fully cleaned with clean water and then disinfected with a certain amount of disinfection water, without giving bacteria any chance to exist. In addition, some women, especially those who prefer to get great pleasure rather than emotional satisfaction, may rely on female masturbators. After a woman has used a female masturbation device for a long time to achieve orgasm, if she fails to respond properly when she is in bed with her bedtime partner, she may mistake it for proof of her personal incompetence. Therefore, please do not overuse female masturbators, which is good for your body and future sex life. When you don’t use them, they may be stained with lint, pet hair, or other bacteria. Please, I know you have a momentary temperament, but wash it before use, otherwise, you will be a carnival of bacteria after you are happy.

How to wash sex toys-- wash after use

Even if you are the only one who can use this toy, you can't be careless about cleaning. If you take cleaning work seriously, your little toys will last longer. If you don’t wash it, the material of the small toy may deteriorate or fade. Also, if toys that are not cleaned are placed with other toys, cross-propagation of bacteria will occur.

How to wash sex toys--choose the right soap

It is recommended to use mild, non-scented soap for vibrating egg, whether it has an antibacterial effect or not. If you want a lower profile (for example, you live with a roommate and you don’t want to bring a toy to the bathroom every time you play), you can also choose a professional sex toy cleaner. Spray it on the toy, and then wipe it clean, it can play a sterilizing role, and there is no damage to the toy itself.