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A survey about stockings for pleasure

A survey about stockings for pleasure

According to the survey, many women in make love did not experience orgasm, about 60%. In the happiest moment of a couple, it is also a pity for both men and women that one party does not feel the orgasm.


Couples who had sex in socks were 50 to 80 percent more likely to have an orgasm than those who didn't. Keep your feet warm and make love at the right room temperature to keep your partner focused on one task.

Women have less muscle mass and a higher percentage of body fat than men. In the winter, the hands and feet get cold, this time, you want to caress her more. Therefore, girls are more likely to reach orgasm when they are wearing make love socks.


When women wear stockings, men will be very excited to see them, so they will increase the need and passion for sex. So, the skill that the husband and wife might as well learn to wear silk socks to make love, in order to increase the interest of conjugal life and harmonious degree. There are also many varieties and styles of silk stockings, so you can try different styles each time. This keeps couples' lives fresh and is one of the techniques used to make them happier.