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Amazing sex experience-bondage games

Amazing sex experience-bondage games

Nothing soothes the fatigue of a hard day's work better than the anticipation of an evening of perfect sex. Make sure you try something new in your bedroom to keep it fresh. Otherwise, your sex could become routine.


Obstruction of the senses

 Do you know why blind people have a greater sense of hearing and touch? Because the brain allocates more processing power to these senses, making them more sensitive. So blindfold her and let the effect work on your woman. This will add to her other senses and prevent any possible distractions. With less visual input, her brain will be freed up to focus more on her other senses, which will give her more pleasure in sex, and she will owe it all to you.



Petting is the best kind of teasing. After the bath, lay her flat on the bed and give her a crisp, gentle massage, paying special attention to the tense areas. Massage her back, feet, or body. It may cause her to relax too much because of the message is too long.



Would you are willing to disguise yourself as a doctor while she dresses up as a nurse, or any other professional attire, and leave your identity for the next an hour or so? Here's a fun little game: pretend you're a stranger and call her by an unusual name. Then make up a complete story about how she pretended to be a dancer, got snowed in on her way to dance school, and you took her in and let her sleep in a warm bed, and then gently flirted with her.


This will make your partner feel a whole new way. Like an explorer, you must have a passion for exploring and discovering new lands.