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Foreplay skills that all men should learn

Foreplay skills that all men should learn

During sex, some men often want to skip the foreplay and get straight to the point, but this can not only affect the quality of the sex but also cause women to doubt, resist and even refuse to have sex.

According to the magazine, foreplay is the key to a woman's sexual experience, and men should learn some of the most thoughtful gifts they can give their partner.

1.Warm-up with a massage. This is a foreplay warm-up that many women enjoy, but it can start with massaging her legs or licking her toes, which can give her great pleasure.

2. Use kisses. Passionate kissing can give a woman great sexual satisfaction, according to sexologists. Kissing is the best way to bring your date back, especially if you find that she has lost interest.

3. Do sex push-ups. Men do push-ups while their female partner burrows under them. This is a great way to show off a man's strong abs.

4. Stimulate the clitoris correctly. The clitoris is where men should focus their attention during foreplay, but many men don't know the right way to stimulate the clitoris. Experts say direct clitoral stimulation can make a woman feel pain. A better way is to gently caress the clitoris.

5. Don't ignore the labia. Labia was full of a nerve ending, it is foreplay cannot ignore the place.

Use all your fingers to rub and stimulate.

6. Read erotic novels. The occasional erotic joke can set the mood. If you want to make it more effective, find an erotic novel and read it aloud to her. The plot of the novel, coupled with the rich imagination, will certainly help you have sex.