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How to make sexual life satisfied?

How to make sexual life satisfied?

Between husband and wife, good communication is the important foundation of secure relationship, if face to face communication feel shy, you can try to use social software, starts with the atmosphere of the joke, gradual chat and share some interesting cartoon at ordinary times or small sexual knowledge (if you need, I hear a lot), bed that something as long as it is paying attention to the communication methods and expression way, slowly you will find a lot of problems in fact, it's not that complicated.


Many problems can be solved together in a harmonious and pleasant environment. Remember, encouragement and care from a woman is vital to a man!!! In and out of bed!

It feels like you really have a lot of unmet needs, but it's not necessarily impossible to try an auxiliary tool. The method that makes oneself a sexual blessing has a lot of kinds. However, I personally think the use of sex toys itself can increase the sense of freshness and excitement, reignite a lot of passion, such as vibrating eggs, bondage kits, vibrating cock rings, etc. So it's definitely more fun to explore and play with two people.

If you don't know how to bring it up, test his attitude during the communication and instill the right ideas into him. Or that sentence, step by step, in fact, many problems are very simple.