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Foreplay suggestions that male and female should know

Foreplay suggestions that male and female should know

On the one hand, a lot of people have a mixture of love and fear of role-playing.

On the other hand, they are afraid of once again in case they make bad, originally hot atmosphere instant cold drop how should do?

The following guidelines suggested by foreign female predecessors. After reading them, I believe it will be very helpful for intimate time. Be ready to read with an open mind!

Role-playing doesn't have to be a hard-line, after all, sex is very much action. As a result, it sometimes takes as little as a single sentence to send the relationship soaring, such as "did you not finish your homework?" "Or" keep it down. My parents will hear you." "Or" don't tell your wife." Etc., are all good examples.

There are many holidays throughout the year, and the way we dress up can change a little bit these days. Christmas is coming, don't know the other half dressed up as Santa Claus guild let your heart?

In fact, there are many small habits that every couple can develop into role play in their daily life.

If your partner is always asking you to massage him while watching TV, turn this opportunity into a sex massage.

Finally, the most important thing is to keep exploring and enjoy yourself with your partner.