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Internet controlled vibrator, is one of sex toys, this is a sex toy specially made for men, which can make men's sexual ability last longer and make sex more perfect. internet controlled vibrator, can bring different experiences to each other, let's get to know it.

Internet controlled vibrator - "portable" version of the vibrating egg

internet controlled vibrator can be understood as a "portable" version of the vibrating egg, or let you achieve a human-machine integration of the egg. It turned out that only when jumping eggs, I tried to synchronize the human-machine, but it was very uncomfortable, because the jumping eggs were not fixed, and often strung together, it was very uncomfortable, and the sex was greatly reduced. The advantage of the internet controlled vibrator is that it can be fixed on the younger brother. The soft material makes the belt very comfortable, and it doesn't make you feel burdened.

Internet controlled vibrator - super strong 30% vibration effect

The internet controlled vibrator feels soft and flexible. Inadvertently pressing the button, the hands of a burst of numbness, ultra-quiet, wearing a private place can liberate your hands, you can engage in more fun, bring more happiness to your wife. Stronger 30% vibration effect, up to 20 minutes of tremor experience, helping the lovers to easily reach the peak of pleasure.

Internet controlled vibrator - double play more passionate

The internet controlled vibrator can be clipped on the penis, and the other end is intensely stimulating the female clitoris. It can also be worn on the finger, which will stimulate the clitoris to be more flexible and give her a different kind of stimulation.

Internet controlled vibrator, only 9 cm in length, the outer diameter of 4.5 cm, the inner diameter of 3.5 cm, the electric handle is only 2 cm, so compact shape, making it easier to wear. At the same time, the internet controlled vibrator has a unique shape, which makes the sex and love fun multiply, giving her more excitement and making him look different. vibrator - S-sensing charging remote control bullet vibrator

Remote control and smart body make it a fun baby in the foreplay! Strong vibration at the top, so that every tremor brings unparalleled sensory stimulation! With 4 kinds of vibration speeds and 4 kinds of earthquake rates, it will bring you a rich and pleasant experience; remote control will make you and your loved ones easily interact, and enjoy the joyful rhythm and explore the passion and joy you have never experienced before!

S-sensing the remote-controlled bullet vibrator gently in the sensitive area, try it out and trigger your sharp nerves. The wireless remote control makes your interaction more mysterious and full of fun, and you can come to a charming game without any scruples. The unique design gives it a delicate and hot personality, and the powerful power is inspiring and inspiring. The distance is no longer a problem, you will be more excited. Next, try to adjust the rate continuously. If this doesn't make you do the best, then adjust the frequency and put it in a private part, let perfect foreplay lead you to explore the unprecedented climax!

The above is a brief introduction to the vibrator. If you want to have a deeper understanding of the vibrator, you can log in to the official website to view.