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Male masterbator

The male masterbator small package has a gentle photo of her elder sister. Love Story is a love-style H game. Chushui and Qin are the characters of senior sisters in the game.

What does the male masturbation channel look like?

The male masterbator is small and light. The entrance is quite large, with many prismatic protrusions in the middle, full of excitement, leaving enough space for the tail to release, the concentration is the essence reflected on this male masterbator. The channel of this toy adopts a design with loose ends and tight middle. When you enter the middle, you can feel the pressure of the meat wall. The deeper you go, the more exciting you will be. You do n’t need a lot of exhaust air to become a vacuum. To a tight grip. The three sections are spiral bodies, but the winding is natural, and the experience at different stages is very different.

As the name suggests, the box of the male masterbator uses chili red as the background color. The designer thinks that this color will look hotter. However, the simple literary font with red color can not help but remind me of the Forbidden City, New Year, Lipstick, these things are more suitable as gifts for girls to give boyfriends, and then came quietly, "Look at this big red, does it look like my tube of YSL matte little gold bars that are almost used up?"

The front is NetEase strict selection and spring breeze, the back is the parameters, the left and right sides are also very simple, one side is spring breeze while writing Netease strict selection. At the bottom is the date of production, and at the top, it says "I know it's an unhealthy little pepper at a glance." Although I tried hard to make a cute look, I still felt a strong cold sex .

How is the experience of using a male masterbator?

Just a word "tight", so start with more lubricant, the entrance is still easy to enter, and because this channel is relatively short, the entrance is the stimulation zone, the gel is a little hard at the beginning, but after two uses It's much better, and it's thicker, the bottom is relatively loose, and it's more convenient to release without being too crowded. But on the whole, this channel is still relatively short, which affects the experience. It is said that many players are too forgetful when using it, and directly pierce the bottom through 2333. Drivers should pay attention to the old bottom.

Male masturbation experience

Summing up one: This is a tight + exciting mini male masterbator, the main is easy to carry and collect, and comes with anime game-oriented, you can use your imagination,

Experience: In fact, it's not bad, the channel is too short, it may not be suitable at the beginning; Durability: the thickness of the meat is almost no wear, careful preservation is basically no problem because the overall is relatively short, be careful not to pierce the back; easy to clean Degree: short, so easy to clean, be careful not to turn it over; Stimulus: Absolutely irritating, the veteran is almost unable to hold back; Channel Tightness: Can be almost attached to the little brother; Softness: Soft outside, a little hard inside, consistent with stimulation Features of type male masterbator.