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Male mastubator

Male mastubator is directly related to one's sexual well-being and happy mood, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality male mastubator that suits you. One consumption, long-term hold. Often people who do not know ask, only know the inflatable doll and the name Device, aircraft cup product, what is male mastubator? What is the use? How to choose male mastubator?

What is a male mastubator?

Male mastubator is also called simulation doll, simulation doll, silicone doll, etc. The male mastubator is relative to the inflatable doll in terms of material. The material of male mastubator is very close to the softness and deformation of the body, the deformation of the joint is very perfect, the facial energy Very close to real people, even fake.

Classification of male mastubator

According to the material, it is roughly divided into TPE and silicone. According to the production area, it is divided into local male mastubator and imported male mastubator. According to the product form, it is divided into intelligent male mastubator and non-intelligent male mastubator.

How to choose male mastubator?

Observe the appearance: In order to reduce costs, many bad manufacturers use secondary recycling of inferior materials, and the old people can smell a pungent odor. The workmanship is very rough, and the facial features are random, usually from a small workshop.

What is the difference between good materials and inferior materials in appearance? The products made of inferior materials are unstable, and most of them produce large amounts of oil, but the hips will deform after a few hours; the inferior materials have a heavy taste. Even if you rub the talcum powder, there is still an odor, which will even make you dizzy after a long smell; good materials The color of the finished product is generally soft, good elasticity, no oil, no deformation.

Male mastubator skeleton

Built-in bones The doll has a built-in stainless steel skeleton, which can make various movements and poses in various poses. The fingers and ankles have skeletons. It can achieve a variety of difficult sex positions. Use new medical non-toxic materials. Our male mastubator is made of medical non-toxic TPE and silicone, which can resist high and strong tearing, elasticity and softness, to achieve real elasticity and softness.

Senior male mastubator experience!

After receiving the purchased male mastubator, you will actually feel the following:

About pussy and anus and mouth: male mastubator has pussy and anus and mouth, three-part. The shape of the genitals is well imitated, and there are various wrinkles and granulation in the vulva wall. In addition, the elasticity of silicone is very exciting. The anus is also similar to the genitals, but the design is relatively simple. The inside of the doll's mouth is just a hole.

About the hand: The wrist of the male mastubator is also movable, in fact, the joints that the human body can move basically have dolls. Dahua's fingers are separated, and the phalanx is a thin wire. About standing: The male mastubator cannot stand without a customized standing function, otherwise, the footboard will be excessively stressed and cause perforation. You can stand normally after customizing.

Regarding oil and odor, and deformation: the existing male mastubator on the market has oil, which feels greasy when touched. Usually take a bath every three to five days, and use talcum powder to solve the oil problem. There is no one-time solution. And the male mastubator has been sitting for a few hours or lying down for a long time, and the hips will deform. Most people are not sensitive to odors, and they don't feel any odor to male mastubator, but those who are sensitive to odor will smell a lot to male mastubator.