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Male masturbation machine

This time, we will evaluate a new male masturbation machine produced by A-one-Lillian 2nd Generation. For its predecessor male masturbation machine Lillian 1, the friends gave a good evaluation, and now the performance of this successor male masturbation machine Lillian meat block, let us wait and see!

On the small package there is a beautiful picture of the gentle sister who is out of the water. Love Story is a love-style H game. Chushui and Qin are the roles of senior sisters in the game. They are cold and gentle, wow, black silk royal sister style. This seal painting inherits the high quality of the previous work, and the people are still set. It's very good. The fleshy body is matched with the exposed clothing that just covers the key parts, and the tongue is playful to tease you, which is very consistent with the setting of the little devil. The side of the box is also printed with the pentacle of 666 as in the previous work, indicating that this male masturbation machine is also very 666 as in the previous work. If the previous work summoned the black-skinned little demon with dissatisfaction, then this work should have summoned the naughty little devil! The appearance of the cup is also consistent with the previous work. The Michelin tire-shaped gourd shape 233 is held in the hand and feels soft. The smell and oil are also passable.

What does the male masturbation machine channel look like?

The entrance of the male masturbation machine is quite large. There are many prismatic protrusions in the middle, which are full of excitement. The tail has enough space for release. The concentration is the essence reflected in this cup.

What is the experience of using a male masturbation machine?

Just a word "tight", so you need to apply more lubricant at the beginning, the entrance is still easy to enter, and because this channel is relatively short, the entrance is the stimulation zone, the gel is a little hard at the beginning, but after two uses It's much better, and it's thicker, the bottom is relatively loose, and it's more convenient to release without being too crowded. But on the whole, this channel is relatively short, which affects the experience more. It is said that many players are too forgetful when using it. They directly pierce the bottom through 2333. Drivers should not be old when using it.

Male masturbation machine

Summing up a Ha: This is a tight + stimulating mini cup, which is easy to carry and collect, and comes with anime game-oriented, you can use your imagination. Experience: In fact, it is not bad, the channel is too short, plus internal materials It is a little bit hard, and it may not be suitable at the beginning; Durability: The thickness of the meat is almost not worn, and it is okay to store it carefully. Because the whole is relatively short, be careful not to pierce the back; Easy to clean: short, so easy to clean, pay attention Can't turn it over; Stimulus: Irritating, even the veteran almost couldn't hold back; Channel tightness: Almost can be attached to the little brother; Softness: Soft outside, a little hard inside, in line with the characteristics of stimulating cups.