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Male masturbator

Once we wanted to move our beloved wife out of the screen, so we had hands to do with the beloved wife day and night, so there was a pillow. I used to want to do shame when holding my wife, but hate the pillow No holes below? It doesn't matter, this work is available! the male masturbator can meet all your needs.

Introduction to male masturbator

The box is very thick, and at a glance, it clears the boundaries with the small pieces of paper that can't help the wind! As far as the male masturbator itself is concerned, the fair skin tone is quite in line with the design of the king of the book, and the pragmatic chest like a small vinegar dish is simply a true portrayal. The material is soft, 780g full of fleshy weight, good There will be a 60-degree tilt on the screen. Although Benzi Na deserves to have tight muscles as a swordsman, it is not an ordinary soft girl next door. Maybe this is the legendary game she played. You play her bedtime plot. Shurachang, can't help but squeeze a handful of green for a young man in black and then the surprise of this aircraft cup-buying a male masturbator to send a big gun mount is really a conscience operation. There are two positive and negative patterns: the legless male masturbator of the aircraft cup and the gun mount can be said to be a perfect combination. The gun mount is inflatable. Like the sleeves that we commonly use in swimming, there is a large opening under the gun mount to plug the male masturbator (other male masturbators with a diameter of less than 11cm can also be inserted).

What does the male masturbator channel look like?

The gun mount can be blown directly with the mouth. It is very simple. When not in use, you can poke the leak-proof device to let the gas escape, and then fold it for storage.

The design of the passage of this work is roughly divided into three sections. At the entrance is several small square protrusions that are erected, the middle is wrapped with octopus-like spiral tentacles, and the ends are exquisite petal-like embellishments. A legendary strong combination of stars, theoretical stimulation max!

What is the experience of using a male masturbator?

Talking about ten thousand and ten thousand, practice is the only standard for testing truth. When new drivers look up and old drivers are excited, they suddenly find out, eh? How do you feel that the stimulation is not very high? ? After careful consideration, I realized that it was because of softness! Yes, in the face of softness, all complex designs are like a fist on cotton. When the male masturbator is fitted with a gun mount, the overall feel will become very full, and it will not be soft and uncomfortable when used. This design is generally good. In terms of vision, pictures with different postures printed on the front and back sides can be used with your interest.

Experience: The concept is very novel, the audience is particularly targeted, suitable for players who like the second element, the book, sensitive but want to experience the rich structure; Durability: The bottom of this game is a little thin, but fortunately the channel itself is not short, so there is no pass Wear risk, and the channel is in the center, so there will be no shortboards with poor wrapping; Easy to clean: the channel itself is straight, and there is no big g point; Stimulus: such a luxurious structural design is all attributed to soft materials Wing Chun, two stars play slowly.