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Male public masturbation

Male public masturbation is a good helper for men to solve physiological needs, but many people are still unfamiliar with male public masturbation and do not know much about it. So, is male public masturbation good or famous?

Male public masturbation belongs to men's portable equipment. It uses its own health care function to make male sex organs play a role in health care to achieve the effect of increasing the thickness. The appearance is small and compact, like a Coke cup, imitating three channels. Due to the high simulation of the built-in structure, it is very realistic to use. The uninterrupted inversion and in-depth development of the "feminine masterpiece" and the exploration of superior materials have finally achieved the ultimate perfect blueprint for the "national masterpiece". The reason why the famous model is so popular with men is entirely due to the unique understanding of the characteristics of oriental women by the designers. The erotic masters also integrated the male GC's front, middle and back experience into the creative concept of each "national model name", so that sexy can also have a rich level of pleasure and charm.

The internal structure of the name device is very real. If you do n’t wear it, you will feel similar to the private parts of a real person. If you add more temperature, that feeling is very beautiful. Male public masturbation is generally tight, and those with poor concentration will come out quickly, and the appearance is like a cup or ordinary daily necessities, easy to carry, especially for business trips. Both have their own advantages, and consumers can choose according to their needs. Whether it is a famous device or male public masturbation, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable product for you. As long as the product is suitable for you, I believe it will bring you the best enjoyment.

Cleaning of male public masturbation:

It is preferred to remove the rubber strip and rinse it under the tap. Apply the shower gel to clean it with your hands or a soft cotton brush. Use clean water again, so that the water flow can directly pass through the interior, and the dirt and the sprayed liquid are washed away! Sterilize by spraying toy disinfectant, wait for 1-2 minutes, wipe with paper and store. If you do n’t have to use it for a long time, do n’t forget to apply baby powder to prevent oil leakage!

The cleaning of non-penetrating products such as naming products is not permeable. Although it feels more like a body cavity, the cleaning of such products is more troublesome. Please clean it as follows.

The first step, clean water rinse: Many people clean the timepiece by turning on the timepiece to clean. This method is wrong. Flipping and cleaning can easily damage the entrance of the timepiece. The correct way is to open the faucet slightly and open the faucet. Let the flowing water pour into the pouring mold until the water overflows from the pouring mold, and let the flowing water flow out the dirt inside automatically. The second step is to apply shower gel: apply shower gel or soap to clean the inside and outside. Scrub repeatedly by hand. The third step is to rub the inner wall: rub the inner wall with your fingers, or use a soft brush to clean it. If you feel that there is no stickiness in the juice, it means that it is almost washed. Step 4: Wipe clean: After rinsing, use a dry cloth to wipe clean in the mold, do not wipe with paper towels, or leave paper scraps to breed bacteria. Fifth cloth: spray disinfectant: Finally, spray a special toy disinfectant inward, stand still for about 1 minute, and then use a dry towel to reach into the mold and wipe the cleaning disinfectant, and you are done!