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Man masturbation

The promotional image of the best man masturbation does not even have a dew point, but it gives a very pure girly feeling. The height of 1.5 meters and the cute style are quite in line with her personal image. In addition, you can see that this cup focuses on the thickness and weight of the meat. 600g can indeed be said to be a full weight in the small and medium-sized best male masturbator, which is simply sincere.

Take out the cup from the box, you can obviously feel its weight, very soft and elastic, but not as soft as coron2 like slime. The smell is somewhat obvious, but it is not pungent, and it can be relieved by washing it with shower gel a few times. As a thick cup of meat, it does not love oil so much, and it will not be particularly sticky after washing without protective powder. The overall length is 16cm, the entrance is realistic, the flower buds are full and the folds are delicate, from which you can see the good workmanship and intentions. It is best not to use too much force when cleaning, otherwise, the hole will tear, although it does not affect the use but affects the appearance, it may break your beautiful reverie. The front end simulates the shape of a small butt, allowing you to easily distinguish between positive and negative, allowing you to enjoy the fun of different postures.

The inside of the channel is not undulating, the whole is a thread with several protrusions, and the small particles at the head and tail are assisted. The passage behind the middle is narrow and the tension is unpredictable. I personally feel that this is a very realistic product. The upper part of the middle front end simulates the G-shaped coin-shaped protrusion, the middle and rear part simulates the contraction of the uterus. The complex but not exaggerated threads and small protrusions make people look forward to its performance. How exactly. (Small science, point G is not something that most people think it needs to be carved in a very deep place. In fact, it is located at 3.5cm in the hole. It can be said that this cup will be realistically interpreted)

What is the experience of man masturbation?

When you first enter the hole, you can feel that the thread and the protruding small points are gently massaging Ding, soft but not fatigued; continue to deepen, the first stimulation point is ushered in, Ding can clearly feel the G point, Is still a very soft touch, like a real person, without the rigidity of silicone; then go inward, the rotating thread continuously gives you no room for breathing, and then comes the second wave of stimulating baptism, a sudden contraction And the big bulges underneath, the double stimulation makes you can't help but surrender.

Man masturbation summary

Generally speaking, it is the best male masturbator worth experiencing, and the weight and price are very exciting. Experience: slow-playing good products of the same level as coron2, the experience is fun, and the price is affordable; Durability: durable, gentle when cleaning, otherwise it will damage the cup entrance; easy to clean: this size of the cup everyone knows, can not be rewashed, The channel is not shallow, and it takes a lot of effort to completely clean it. Irritation: slow play, the stimulation is slightly stronger than the ordinary version of coron2; softness: the standard of slow play products.