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Speaking of Masterbaiter, you must have used this article, but if it comes to the definition of the name, it may be unclear to many people. The following describes the play, cleaning, and maintenance of the next name.

What is Masterbaiter?

Nameware: means female body parts (such as buttocks, private parts, feet, etc.) Masterbaiter: As the name implies, it is made according to the selected parts by Masterbaiter. The variety of Masterbaiter on the market is as follows:

Types of Masterbaiter

According to the needs of playing with different body parts, adult supplies Masterbaiter is divided into buttocks Masterbaiter, chest Masterbaiter, half-length Masterbaiter, general adult supplies Masterbaiter will have dual channels or three links, so that men can experience more in-depth stimulation, you can also play Sensitive point, just to give you a most real feeling. Sometimes due to the limitation of materials, the structure of Masterbaiter sometimes will not be completely designed according to the human body. For example, there will be genitals under the chest, and the picture is very strong and woody. Different requirements of Masterbaiter's internal channel design, some adult products Masterbaiter channel will use a more stimulating secondary element design than the real channel, small hole and backyard channel design, more bends, deeper grooves, larger and denser bumps, It is more irritating, and men have a strong sense of pleasure that female private parts cannot achieve. It can be said that Masterbaiter is an advanced version of female private parts. Realistic channels will also have unexpected stimulation, especially the YY goddess is even more exciting.

Weight determines gameplay

When buying adult products Masterbaiter, please pay attention to the weight, about 200g to 600g. Below 200g is a small name device, generally small in size, easy to collect. When a man is used for Lagerstroemia indica, he can control the tightness of the name device by controlling the strength of his hand. (Thomas turns around and enters) The one above 600g is large and can move up and down with both hands. It feels like a female. In addition, she can also be placed on the table, this is not to let you lift your hand, but to let you twist your waist to top, the revolutionary release of both hands.

A medium-sized Masterbaiter between 200g-600g, somewhere in between, is also a level with a relatively large audience.

How to use the name

When purchasing, please confirm whether it is equipped with lubricating fluid. Unpack the Masterbaiter, please remember to wash it with warm water for the first time. When using, the lubricating fluid should be lowered (about 7ml at a time, titration according to the situation), so that the lubricating fluid can evenly lubricate every corner of the channel. (Heating should not exceed 10 minutes) The next action is Fake, Adjust, Sprint, Burst, Sage Time.

Masterbaiter cleaning and maintenance

Just like washing a cup, pour in the shower gel and use your fingers to wash it repeatedly. It is recommended to use cold water for rinsing. Do not use hot water exceeding 40 degrees, otherwise, the colloid is easily aging. After cleaning, spin the water upside down, wipe the water inside and outside the hole with cotton cloth, or blow the water in the hole with a cold wind. When using a hairdryer, you can use an object to blow through a small hole and sweep every corner. (Use cold wind, not hot).