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Masterbation egg

The use of the masterbation egg is a common behavior in today's sex life. The masterbation egg can be used as a substitute for people in certain situations.

It is precise because of the use of this masterbation egg that both men and women have some wrong understanding of it, and it also has some unnecessary effects on the users. The masterbation egg is used by people whose husbands and wives live in disharmony or no husband and wife: the truth is that anyone can use the masterbation egg. The survey shows that people who live with couples use masterbation eggs more often than those who do not, and partners who use masterbation eggs usually have a higher quality of life and better emotional intimacy. About 20-30% will use the masterbation egg at least once in their lifetime. The masterbation egg is not a life-saving straw nor a panacea, but a supplement to the life of a couple. Yin butt mold. Most of them are made of medical soft rubber, soft and smooth to the touch, and have a wide variety of colors. They are divided into male penis mold and female vagina mold. It can be manual, and some have vibration function with battery. The slightly more expensive ones will automatically rotate or have a telescopic clamping function, and the vibration intensity and amplitude can be adjusted as you like; some walls are embedded with elastic meat beads to achieve the best stimulation effect; even some are equipped with A small massager can stimulate sensitive areas while using it. A more special simulation device also takes into account the convenience of the place of use, such as a small vulva inverted mold used by men, which is very convenient to carry and use on business trips. There is a suction cup at the bottom that can be used in bathtubs and other places where women can feel more warm and relaxed; and "riding music" with elastic airbags at the bottom can be used in a sitting position to bring a greater sense of autonomy. The purpose of the Aircraft Cup is to address the physiological needs of men. The external design of the aircraft cup is diversified to meet male users with different tastes. The internal design is an uneven gully, the purpose is to enhance stimulation and pleasure! As the name implies, the airplane cup is a cup used for flying. The reason why it is called a cup is that it is concealed under the appearance of the cup, but it is made of soft synthetic resin or silicone. Families and friends find that they can also happily laugh in the past, and it is also more convenient for those who travel frequently.

Masturbation egg cleaning and maintenance

The oil will come out of the inverted mold part, and it is troublesome to clean it afterward. You can't return to clean it thoroughly; there is very little oil out of the aircraft cup, which is easy to clean.

The airplane cup can be returned to be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to use some talcum powder when it is finally stored. It will not be sticky next time. The following table gives you a reference as an old driver to see which plane cup and inverted mold are more comfortable.