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It can be said that before human beings have written, there is already sex. Sex is the oldest thing in human history. In the long history of history, a female masturbation device such as a simulated penis has been developed. Today we introduce how women can please themselves, what is the role of Masturbater vibrator?

How should a woman please herself?

About how women should please themselves, it is better to talk directly about how women masturbate. In the previous and for you, we introduced the methods of female masturbation. Let us introduce how women make a masturbator.

Self-made female masturbation method

Pick a banana of the right thickness, don't be too ripe or too raw; first, wrap the banana tightly with transparent tape, remember not to have any gaps, it is best to wrap a few more layers; then cut a small mouth at the root, Squeeze the smooth pulp through the banana peel, and ensure that the outer skin is intact when kneading; finally inject some facial cleanser as a lubricant, and you are done.

The role of Masturbater vibrator

Masturbater is a kind of vibrator specially designed for women. When used in the life of couples, it can make women get more sexual pleasure and orgasm. Single women can get great physiological satisfaction. Make 2 people more intimate while enjoying the ultimate orgasm. At the same time, Masturbater's vibrating stick can be moderately organized for the female sex, lack of orgasm or hypersexuality, etc., so as to achieve sexual physiological balance.

If you often use female appliances, you can choose fashionable and fashionable. If you have no previous experience, start with the relatively simple Masturbater vibrator. The Masturbater vibrator is simple in function and easy to operate. It is suitable for most lesbians and also Uses when very alone!

Masturbater has been accepted as a new variety of adult products. So, how to use Masturbater? What should be paid attention to during use? Masturbater has a sexy stick body, full of dense circular sensing bumps, and the corrugated ring pattern of the lower body of the Masturbater stick body can bring unparalleled super pleasure and orgasm to sensitive parts of the body. Masturbater's unique head shape, the swan with its wings spread, its smooth head can stimulate the position of the female G point; the stick is a streamlined shape with a ring structure, and it can be freely bent into any angle as the layers deepen. As can be seen from the above, the effect achieved by Masturbater is more significant. In addition, in the process of use, the following methods of use should be followed: Open the bottom cover. Put two No. 5 batteries according to the positive and negative poles. Tighten the battery cover. Slide the pulley on the controller to activate the vibration mode. In addition, in order to avoid the occurrence of adverse reactions during the use of Masturbater, you should pay attention to the following points: Before use, Masturbater needs to be cleaned with a special instrument disinfection solution. Masturbater needs to use water-based lubricants for lubrication, avoid the use of oil-based lubricants, and should also choose a reasonable strength. After using Masturbater, it should be washed and dried, preferably in a cool, ventilated, and dry place. For the preservation of Masturbater, it should be placed away from children, and it should be kept away from light and volatile matter.