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Masturbators seal painting inherits the high quality of the previous work. The human settings are still very good. The sensual body is matched with the clothing that exposes but covers the key parts. The tongue is playful to tease you, which is really in line with the little devil. Such a setting. If the previous work summoned the black-skinned little devil who was dissatisfied, then this work should have summoned the naughty little devil! The appearance of Masturbators is also consistent with the previous work. The Michelin-shaped tire gourd shape 233 feels moderately soft on the hand, and the smell and oiliness are also passable.

What does the Masturbators channel look like?

The passage of this work is simpler than that of the previous six-connected one. Three pieces of meat are designed on the upper and lower sides, including two types, one is the horizontal grain type, and the other is the meat grain type. The left and right sides of the channel are designed with horizontal stripes, and at the end of the channel is a small protruding piece of meat. In general, it can be seen that this body can get two different ways of playing stern meat and stern horizontal stripes according to different directions.

Let's turn the body inside out to observe the inside of the passage more clearly. Because the body is designed with a round inlet, the external material is soft and moderate and the internal channel is not tight, so there is basically no pressure when it is turned out. It can be seen that the internal passage uses a different material from the outside of the body, and the feel of this material ... mmmm is really very hard. If the outside of the body feels smooth and soft and elastic like the skin of a flesh-evil little demon, then the internal pieces of meat are as rough and hard as the calluses on the rough man's hand.

What is the experience of using Masturbators?

I first used the high-viscosity Nakashima powder bottle lubricant. After going straight through to the end, I thought straight: Oh, what a little devil is this, this is obviously a file devil who is also a filer than Sanji Ayase! People's Sanji Ayase is still a single-sided file, this is a four-sided file at all (I don't know Sanji Ayase? The file girl of Yuzusha knows WW) ... No matter which side is rubbed with the glans, all you get is file friction It is difficult to distinguish the difference between the upper and lower meat pieces and the horizontal stripes on the left and right sides, and I can't feel the layering of the six meat pieces. In addition, taking out Tintin in a particularly sensitive situation after delivery, this file devil will directly let you experience the feeling of tiger body shock and soul ascension.

The next time, I used a low-viscosity lubricating fluid and heated the body ... I do n’t believe that this file girl ca n’t do it  After taking the above measures, the channel ’s “file feeling” "It was greatly neutralized, and the feeling of scratching the glans of the meat pieces became softer, which allowed people to experience the design of Lillian meat pieces. Play slowly in this state. Although the two upper and lower meat pieces near the entrance do not feel obvious, you can clearly feel the layering of the remaining four meat pieces. In addition, thanks to the design of the six-piece meat block, there are a lot of cavities inside the body, which can generate great suction, which further enhances the experience.