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Men's Wearable Silicone Locking Sleeve, Back Attachment, Bead Anal Plug, Female Double Acupuncture, Adult Sex Toys

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product information:

Brand: adult diary

Name: Ladder Beads for Men

Material: Silicone

Net weight: 0.064kg

Size: Maximum 0.4 inches, minimum 0.06 inches

Men's wear, backyard pull beads. Wearable pull beads for double stimulation

The sensation of feeling becomes confusing because the hands-free double penetration creates a bead-boosting effect from the ribbed probe, the vibration stimulator causes the clitoral vibration, and the cock ring can help the endurance to maintain lasting love. relationship.

The smooth and silky hand feels like a baby's skin. Good flexibility, durable and easy to pull, free to twist without deformation. Silicone products are molded at high temperature, and the sealed package has an insufficient odor, and some of them have a small amount of odor. After receiving the goods, they are washed with shower gel and water, which is naturally odorless.

Embossed particles, refreshing to the touch, with a strong stimulus every time you insert it

Can be sterilized by boiling water, made of silicone, waterproof, high temperature resistant, sterilizable by boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius

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