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Mens masturbator

It's a common phenomenon that masturbation is always used. Not only women masturbate, men masturbate earlier than women. So, do you know how to use a male masturbator? Men's masturbator is a sex toy designed to release male desire. Men's masturbation flirting and teasing toys are used as flirting between couples. They have tools to enhance sexual desire, stimulate sensitive points in the body, and create a sex atmosphere. If novices want to choose their own mens masturbator, please refer to the following two points.

First, understand your sensitivity

Novice players want to play comfortably, it is important to choose the cup that suits their sensitivity. So before choosing a cup, first understand what your physique is. Sensitive physique, insensitive physique, and old drivers are not poisonous.

Generally speaking, if you have a sensitive body, mens masturbator recommends choosing "low stimulation, slow play". If the constitution is not sensitive or less sensitive, then it is recommended to choose "high stimulus, compact absorption". Such a reasonable choice will be more pleasant.

If you choose the wrong cup, and a sensitive student chooses a stimulating cup, the experience may be very bad (for most students). Because you may hand off the gun quickly, you have not experienced any realism or fidelity. Or it is stimulated by the hard material of the stimulating toy, which feels very hard, very hard, and uncomfortable. So you need to understand your stimulus first.

Regarding self-sensitivity judgment, there is really no scientific judgment method. If you have an experience like sex, you should be able to tell. If not, it is difficult, so it is recommended that the cup selection for entry is a little lower, and slow play (the slow play is a cup with low stimulation and can play for a long time). Slow-moving cups will lose in the pit!

Own preferences (thousands of cup types, only the cup in my heart)

There are many types of men's masturbators, and the gap between different cups is also very large. Then the channels of the mens masturbator are composed of various designs such as "bumps, folds, tightening rings, uterine Ostia, spirals", etc. The experience of different designs is different. In addition, according to your own conditions, you need to understand whether you need a portable hidden one, or a convenient cleaning, or a good sense of flesh, high fidelity. Carefully observe the introduction on the product page to avoid misunderstandings when choosing a cup!

Use and maintenance of cups

Men's masturbator should be washed before and after use

When mens masturbator was first bought, there were instructions in it. Different materials have different precautions. Do n’t be lazy. Remember to read carefully. Remember to clean before and after use to avoid the spread of bacterial glue forks and damage to the material. You can use mild, unscented soap, or professional Qingqu toy cleaning agent for cleaning.

Use of lubricant

Lubricants are very important, do not save! Lubricant largely determines the body sensation of use, and full application can reduce friction and lubricate, making it easier to enter the channel. Good lubricating fluid and poor lubricating fluid are completely two kinds of experiences. It is recommended to choose water-soluble lubricants. Never think of using shower gel instead.