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Mens sexy boxers

One of the most classic men underwear are men’s boxers. Boxers are classic- they are reliable, comfortable, and definitely a favorite among men. However, women have a different opinion as the what men’s sexy boxers are. What kind of mens sexy boxers do the ladies prefer? Boxers have different varieties and there is a large number of women who think boxer briefs are the sexiest. However, some other women like the classic boxer shorts while others like the jockstrap. 

Boxers come in different quality fabrics like cotton, spandex and lycra. Made to be comfortable, boxer briefs and boxer shorts are designed to make a man feel good in his skin. Mens sexy boxers must be stylish yet comfortable. A stretchy material is sexy because the microfiber material adds contour to a man’s penis.  Some women also like waist bands that fit very well and accentuate the man’s assets. Although it is  looking sexy for women is a consideration, men can still choose underwear that is sexy but made with a cool and strong fabric.

The boxer briefs are considered to be mens sexy boxers because of their stretchy and snug fit. 

If you’re looking for something kinky and sexy, there are mesh boxers that leave little to the imagination. For those who like a classic, sexy, yet comfortable boxers, you can choose short cotton boxer briefs. Make sure that when choosing your own boxer brief to choose the one that fits you very well. Otherwise, this may cause discomfort on your private area. Some ladies on the other hand prefer athletic boxer briefs. Made with moisture-wicking materials and is usually snug in fit, these male underwear can function as active wear and something you can wear for your partner in the bedroom.

Aside from cotton, there is another material that is cool and breathable. A boxer that is made from  bamboo-rayon fabric is very comfortable yet breathable and sexy. Another factor that makes male boxers sexy is the fit. Avoid underwear that rides up or bunches up in the wrong places. Which is why it is advisable to choose a good quality boxers instead of cheap ones. 

Although lingerie is common in women, men can also enjoy wearing boxers that are designed to be sexy lingerie. You can experiment with materials and designs as well us cuts. There are some transparent boxers that show the male private area. Some boxers have a pronounced front bulge pouch with elastic waistband. Some are even ultra-thin to provide the penis with a sensual fit. You may even find it hard to believe but there are lace mens boxers as well as leather male boxers.  

As for the color, you can choose any color that makes you feel confident. Although masculine colors and neutrals are strong favorites such as white, gray, navy blue, and black, you can experiment with flirty and quirky colors such as neon green and orange. There is even a type of underwear that has an ultra thin fabric to make you feel naked down there. The soft and lightweight material is not only sexy to look at, it is also comfortable for the wearer. For those who like patterned boxers, you can choose polyester spandex boxers that are water absorbing, lightweight and comfortable. You can use these types of underwear in the shower, tub, or pool. You don’t have to stay away from prints and designs. Although sexy male underwear is one step to attracting and arousing your partner, it is still your sex appeal, confidence, and your skills in bed. 

If you want to look for sexy male underwear, you can look at stores online to see what you want. And while you are at it, you can even take a look at the available sex toys that you can incorporate in partner sex. Aside from a sexy boxer, you can also buy sex toys to please your woman. You can look at the different varieties of sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, and even anal toys such as butt plugs, anal beads, and anal vibrators. Or if you like solo play, you can get yourself a sexy masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy. 

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