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Near west side

The integrated near west side is more realistic, cannot be disassembled, the lower body is not separated, and it is completely simulated. The advantage is that it will be more real and beautiful. The visual effect when used is better. The disadvantage is that it needs to be cleaned after each use. It will be relatively troublesome when cleaning, and if some friends are not patient enough, it will be troublesome after a long time. The split near west side, the lower body can be separated, which is equivalent to a separate name device. After use, it can be taken out for cleaning. It is very convenient, and it is not worried that it will be broken. The effect is not so real.

Before buying near the west side, the choice of split or integrated is still very important, mainly depends on personal hobbies and habits.

Everyone knows about the near west side, near the west side is very realistic, not only can move joints but also has human-like skin. Some people may ask, the near west side is so realistic, do you need a girlfriend? I bought a near west side and I can also enjoy the live-action thrill, and this girlfriend does not need to coax, will not have various requirements, and will not betray you.

Actually, the fact that the near west side is not realistic is irrelevant for the girlfriend. You now think that the near west side is very good and realistic, and the flower sound of the elf doll's house is very cute and has an appetite for yourself. But you may not think so in a few years, you may want a real girlfriend to accompany yourself, you want to get married and have children. It can only be said that everyone has what kind of thoughts at what stage, just like some people do n’t want children at first, but they want it again when they reach a certain age.

But it is not ruled out that some people may really like near the west side and want to spend a lifetime with the near west side. Some people choose the near west side together because of love, hurt, etc. Everyone's thoughts are different. You can't say who is right or wrong, and the one that suits you is the best. It's the same to buy the near west side. It's everyone's choice not to say who is right or who is wrong. Some people think that the near west side and beautiful are cute and cost-effective, so they chose it.

Although the near west side is very realistic, it is not a real person. It can't replace the real person but it looks like a real person. It is very real and has a high value. It can satisfy the sexual desire of the baby friends, stimulate the imagination of the baby friends, satisfy the best fantasies of the baby friends, and can make you now lonely There is a company. In terms of body ratio, the near west side of the United States is more sexy and fuller, and the ratio is closer to real people. The near west side of Japan is closer to the west side.