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Ergonomic game controller www ”—BiBiBi2 generation news (low and medium stimulation). Its main selling point should be the pair of big breasts, as for the feel of the pair of tits, and whether the actual combat and other various performances are remarkable, Let's take a look together!

Everyone, novice drivers and old drivers roared, and I am very happy to meet again. The homestead senior will bring you the BiBiBi 2nd generation evaluation. The main selling point should be a pair of big breasts. As for the feel of the pair of tits, and whether the actual combat and other various performances are commendable, let us take a look!

The box seal is very good. A big-breasted female hand covered the key parts with shyness and no leaks, but it can achieve the effect of being silent and soundless at this time. The material is also tough and strong and shiny, so it is recommended to like The driver collection of the box. But to Tucao yes, the title of this news actually written Bitch, despite letters painted clothes designed wind Bitch always such a taste, but this is not enough and it looks like a Bitch.

We take out news First of all, the most eye-catching is a pair of tits. However, due to the small news, this pair of big breasts did not cause a great visual impact. Its shape is also not very real, round and round, and the real European school should be slightly sagging. In terms of touch, it can't be compared with the real European school. After all, the real European school is soft and soft, and it can be deformed wantonly in the hand, but this is not good for tits. However, in actual combat, if you have your hands free, you can play with the tits as an adult ergonomic game controller. Rubbing your thumb on it, you will find it unexpectedly addictive. Then briefly mention some other aspects. News itself is very soft, grab the lower body of news, and the upper body will jump like jelly. As for the smell and oil, I can only say: yes, this is A-one. In this respect, it is still not as good as other big factories. News has the unique odor of A-one. It needs to be cleaned up with a more fragrant shower gel, and the oil is very powerful. I wash it after use. I have n’t been able to completely wash off the oil in my hands five times, but I do n’t want the news at this price to be so high. Let ’s take a look at the channel design and actual combat experience.

What does the news channel look like?

The entrance of the channel is designed with particle hemispheres, and the interior is mainly composed of similar particles and horizontal stripes. It is worth mentioning that the front part of the deepest part of the channel has a very obvious ring structure, which can be seen by referring to the design idea of the news of the uterine system.

What is the experience of using news

Because the material of news is very soft, and when the fingers are inserted for the first time cleaning, the channel tightness is low, I predict that the above channel design is estimated to be useless. Apply the lubricating fluid, pull the gun and insert, and sure enough, it can reach the deepest point very smoothly, and I don't feel the irritation caused by the particles and horizontal stripes-but when pulling out, the accident happened. That layer of ring-shaped structure didn't bring any breakthrough when it was inserted, but when pulled out, it unexpectedly gave a little breakthrough resistance, just like this big breast loli refused to let you leave. The child adds fun to this uncommon slow play.