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Automatic Penis Vacuum Pump with 4 Suction Intensities for Stronger Bigger Erections Electronic Male Enhancement Penis Pump with Clear Cylinder for Easy Viewing

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Style: Automatic rechargeable penis pump Size: 12.3 * 3.1 inch Insertable Lenght: 8.5 inch Charging: USB Rechargeable Suction intensity: 4 Material: ABS +TPE Use time: 2 hours on a full charge   Enjoy the smoothest, most powerful pumping experie..

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What is a Penis Pump?

 A penis pump is a sort of sex toy for men, which is used as a drug-free treatment for erectile dysfunction (aka ED). A penis pump is also known as a vacuum pump or a vacuum erection pump.

What comprises a penis pump?

A typical penis pump includes a tube that is designed to fit over your penis, a ring-like seal that fits around the base of your penis, a vacuum pack powered by a battery (sometimes hand-powered) in order to remove the air from the tube, which triggers the erection.

Who should use a penis pump and who should not?

Frankly speaking, the use of a penis pump is recommended to men with moderate erectile dysfunction. It’s not recommended to men suffering from either severe ED and mild ED. 

A guide to using a penis pump

Although some of you may find it weird and tedious to apply for the very first time, this device is super cool and easy to operate. The first thing you need to do is to place the tube over your penis. For more comfortable feelings, if you have got some special lubricants, you may use it to avoid any irritation. Then, turning the pump ON starts the air removal from the inner zone of the tube. The ON/OFF function may vary depending upon the device, whether is it a battery-powered or has got a hand pump. The variation in the air pressure expands the blood vessels in your penis. And, with all of it, within a few minutes, remove the tube, and you will be all set to go.

Pros and cons of a penis pump


·       Effective and durable erections

·       Safe enough to use with no side effects

·       Availability at a lower price

·       Works as a supplement with ED pills or other treatments with no additional risk regular use may help lead to more natural erections


·       The proper use of a penis pump does not have much side effects. However, the frequency of using this device may depend on an individual. Understanding your body can help you decide how often you can use it.

·       It is super important to read the guidelines before using it. You must avoid the extreme air pressure in the tube that can injure your penis. 

·       Overuse of the device may decline the naturalness of sexual intercourse.

·       Stop using it if you find any problems appear indeed and consult for proper medications.

Getting a penis pump

If you are looking to buy a penis pump, it is better to talk with a specialized doctor who can recommend you a suitable on. You can buy a penis pump at the dedicated stores which are approved by the government entity or purchase it from an online shopping website. You may also look at our website to buy the most proper one for you.

Looking to buy a penis pump? Make sure to consider a few things.

·       Does it have a vacuum limiter? This function is crucial to make sure the air pressure inside the tube does not exceed tremendously.

·       The proper size of the ring that fits around the base of your penis. Try various sizes, until you get the most proper one with all sorts of comfort using it.

·       Make sure before purchasing if the penis pump is specially designed for erectile dysfunction. A penis pump is designed to provide temporary erection against ED rather than the penis enlargement.