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Sex toys and how to use them

We know that "sex" is an eternal topic of human beings, and human beings are the most beautiful animals. Female masturbation devices are very popular sex toys. It is safer and more effective to use tools to masturbate. sex toys and how to use them? With the development of society, people's sexual conception has become more and more open, and many female friends have more open sexual needs than before, such as the appearance of female vibrators. So how do women use masturbators? Is sex toys random smart touch frequency conversion automatic plug-in vibrator good to use?

Sex toys and how to use them--how to use a woman's masturbation

The steps of using adult products and female masturbators, we need to elaborate from three aspects before use, during use, and after use, so that users can really understand:

(Before use): You can use it directly after washing, or use 1% Xin Jie Er Yin lotion or 75% medical alcohol to scrub and disinfect, and apply a small amount of lubricant; it is better to use with condoms.

(In use): It can be used directly, or it can be heated or frozen as you like. If you want to enjoy the warm feeling, you can soak the crystal glass in warm water for 1-5 minutes; if you desire to get sexy trembling, you can put the crystal Place the glass in ice water or refrigerator for a few minutes to enjoy.

(After use): Put the items to be cleaned after mixing with ordinary cleaning liquid, wash with a soft brush or hand, then rinse with clean water, take it out to control dry, wipe with a soft towel when semi-dry That's it, no watermarks or handprints.

Note: Don't wait for the water to dry before wiping, because the water will leave watermarks after drying, you must wipe it half dry. If you want to make the crystal products brighter, put them in the sun for 2-3 hours after washing to absorb the sunlight The product is brighter.

Sex toys random intelligent touch frequency conversion automatic plug-in vibrator

The motors used in the sex toys random intelligent touch frequency conversion and automatic extraction and insertion vibration rods have reached the international level standards, which are safe, durable, and powerful. The frequency conversion super-strong shock sense is invincible: 10 kinds of frequency changes so that the pleasure can not stop at any time. You can change the frequency you want according to the body changes. Whether it is the clitoris or other sensitive areas, it will make you forget it. Jumping eggs: tease, clitoral stimulation, C Point and G point stimulates the golden bending angle of the front end to 23.5 degrees. This angle directly stimulates the G point of women. The sex toys random intelligent touch frequency conversion and automatic insertion and insertion of the vibrator stick head imitate the male Tintin, from thin to thick and smooth, comfortable, and easier to enter.

Sex toys and how to use them--experience

Every woman's response to masturbation rods is different. For example, some women will fall asleep easily after reaching orgasm, some women can only increase the degree of tension, some women can use it to eliminate menstrual pain, some women will increase menstrual pain. In short, masturbation sticks are not unusable. If you indulge them, it will do more harm than good. Sex toys random intelligent touch frequency conversion automatic plug-in vibrator as long as it is properly used is beneficial to the body!