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If the orgasm is deliberately pursued, it will be like what people say "the speed is not reached", not only can it not be pursued, but also bring some undesirable consequences. There are more and more single people in modern society. On the one hand, everyone's spouse's vision is too high. This is related to the sexual life of most couples. So today we say how to recognize orgasm, sex toys where to buy? sex toys shake Great notes.

Sex toys where to buy--how to recognize orgasm

Although it is ideal for couples to achieve orgasm at the same time, it is not necessary to use this expectation as a criterion for measuring the success of sexual life.

The orgasm feels very different, and the book only talks about the general situation or the situation that the author thinks it should be, not the same. In particular, some books portray orgasms as full-bodied and colorful, making the reader's heart fascinated. Some deliberately seek. For example, control the clock, recite poems, and step into the ideal realm of people. Most of the results of this approach will disappoint.

Because this is equivalent to a trip in the world of two people, a third person suddenly appeared on the side, pointing to the hands and feet, destroying the two people’s exclusive natural rhythm of Yaxing, and the peak experience of orgasm will also cloud the fog. It must be understood that the orgasm experience is affected by the physical and mental state of each person, and it will never be "one-sided". The literati will naturally be constrained by personal sexual attitudes when expressing, and be encouraged by artistic techniques.

Sex toys where to buy--Precautions for sex toys

It cannot be shared by many people, and it is easy to be infected with bacteria; pay attention to the use of hygiene and do a good job of cleaning to prevent disease; do not overuse, excessive use of vibrating sticks can easily cause organ sensitivity to decline, so for a long time, it leads to ordinary Sex has no stimulation and pleasure, and can only be stimulated by vibrating massage sticks, which will be a tragedy; To use a vibrating stick to insert into the vagina or anus, a condom and water-soluble lubricant should be used, which can be safer and lubricated;

Sexual life harmony is the result that every couple wants in every one-time life, and proper pursuit is also normal. The use of masturbation can make women reach orgasm. Therefore, the correct use of masturbation is beneficial to physical and mental health. It should be said that the masturbation device can indeed contribute to the realization of human sexual physiological functions, help to overcome the various sexual problems people face, help improve the quality of sexual life, and is safe and reliable.

Sex toys where to buy--How to maintain G-poinSt vibrator

The “toy” after use has a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residues. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so please clean your “toy” as soon as possible after use. When cleaning, avoid getting water on the switch, power supply, etc., rubbing with fingers while washing, do not use a brush or acidic detergent to clean. After washing, it is best to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After wiping, let it dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun! Finally, it can be disinfected with special cleaning liquid or diluted alcohol (75%), or it can be sprinkled with some talcum powder and then stored.