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States where sex toys are illegal

With the gradual maturity of sexual psychology, people's pursuit of sexual experience tends to be more qualitative. The masturbation device is a very common sex toy in life. If you use the masturbation device improperly, it will cause a lot of adverse health effects. Then the states where sex toys are illegal? What are the steps to use the massage stick? sex toys What is the effect of sex toys G-point vibrator?

States where sex toys are illegal--The use steps of massage stick

Step 1: Press sensitive areas: nipple, vulva, labia, clitoris, G point, anus, and other areas. Then, hold the stick body of the vibrating stick, and place its head, vibrating area, on these sensitive points. At first, you can press a certain part to stay still, so that women can continue to enjoy the stimulation of vibration. The frequency of the vibrating stick can be adjusted when pressed, usually divided into three levels: low, medium, and high. During use, it can be kept in a gear or can be changed back and forth. Step 2: Start to "circle": After pressing for some time in a woman's sensitive area, the woman also adapts to the stimulation of the vibrator. At this moment, the man can hold the vibrator to "circle" and rotate on the sensitive area. That is, holding the sensitive area and turning the vibrator to increase her stimulation. The frequency can also be changed at this moment. Step 3: Change the stimulation frequency: After pressing and "drawing a circle", the man can temporarily raise the vibrator, separated by 1 or 2 seconds, then put down the vibrator, continue to press or "draw the circle", giving the woman a time No feeling. Do not change the frequency when performing this stimulation, it is best to adjust to the maximum amplitude. Step 4. Swim around the whole body: After teasing the woman's sensitive area for some time, hold the vibrator to walk her whole body, choose your starting point, preferably from the chest to the private part, and then bypass the back. The stimulation to women is more comprehensive. It is recommended to use the maximum frequency for roaming. Step 5. Formally insert into the vagina: wait until the woman's private parts secrete the love liquid and get wet, then insert it slowly to avoid causing dryness, pain, and other undesirable conditions. If there is a little dryness, you can use lubricating oil; if you are afraid of unhygienic, you can put a condom on the stick. In fact, at this moment, both men and women can formally start a "war", and the awesome task is temporarily over.

States where sex toys are illegal--sex toys G-point vibrator effect

Sex toys G-point vibrating sticks can help women achieve orgasm more easily. This sex aid can change lives and improve relationships between partners. The most important thing is that when using the vibrator, you can have complete homeownership of your desires-whether you pick it up or put it down, it is up to you to decide. By controlling the amplitude of the vibration, the brand-new crispy feeling makes you free and happy and massages the sexually sensitive parts of the user. It can achieve the purposes of physiotherapy, masturbation, and increase the fun. It can also be used for couples to flirt and effectively improve the quality of sexual life.

The effect of using sex toys G-point vibrator is very good, can improve the relationship between husband and wife, is to make sex life can be carried out happily, and there will be no differences. But use sex toys G point vibrator to be restrained!