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Swedish LELO shrink Yin ball LunaBeads Luna classic vaginal dumbbell women postpartum plastic Yin health products

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Weight: 0.028kg

Product volume: 10.0 cm * 5.0 cm * 5.0 cm

Product main material: Silicone / ABS

Color: gray, pink

Function: Shrinking Yin Dumbbell

Luna ball is better than the ordinary shiny ball. The surface is smooth to the touch, comfortable to use, and ergonomically fit.

You can use it in any scene while walking, dancing, partying, doing housework, exercising, showering without any influence

How to play Luna Ball easily,

1. With a well-trained sphere combination, put on an elastic silicone double ring belt, or choose a single sphere

2. Before use, you can apply a little water-based lubricant to the insertion end

3. You can put the Luna ball with your legs raised or lying down. The position of your body is about the same as that of a tampon.

4. Exercise with Luna ball, walk dance, yoga, etc.

5. Relax the basin muscle and remove the Luna ball, and wash it thoroughly

Luna Ball is suitable for the crowd:

• Each powder ball weighs 0.028kg and the diameter of each ball is 35mm. Suitable for women who want to improve vaginal laxity

• Sexual history has been over two years

• Over 30 years of age

• Has been born

• Sexual pleasure is not strong, it is difficult to orgasm

• It ’s hard to feel fulfilled during sex

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