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Waterproof Personal Wireless Wand Massager Black 7 Ounce 1 Count

Waterproof Personal Wireless Wand Massager Black 7 Ounce 1 Count

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Waterproof Personal Wireless Wand Massager Black 7 Ounce 1 Count

Color: Purple/Pink/Black

Length:8.07 inches (Note: 1-2 inch permissible measurement error)

Dimension:1.69 inches


Material: Silicon+ABS

Power Source: USB charging


The Comfort Wand Massager Takes You To Orgasm Bliss

Romantic Sex Toy Female Masturbation Artifact


Have women ever thought of a wand-like electric wand massager that can be a female masturbating tool? Unlike other gigantic sex toys, this body wand personal massager is relatively slender and massages the most intimate parts of your partner or the whole body with the most comfortable stimulation.


•The prostate milking device can be used personally or as shared sex toys for you and lover

•10 frequencies plus 6 speeds  modes available

•A large, round head of sex and the city vibrator can be used to massage multiple body parts including the back, arms even sensitive parts

•Soft silicone with odorless ABS anti-bacterial material allows you and your lover to gain secure intimacy

•Silent vibrating mode with sound lower than 40 decibels

•Wireless massage with viagra supplement for free from bondage


Even though it's a massage vibrator, it's no worse at vibrating than any other traditional vibrator. It comes in 10 frequencies multiplied by 6 vibrating speeds, ranging from soft vibrating modes to powerful vibrating modes all available for your choice. The three simple buttons are the variable speed button, the variable frequency button, and the start button, allowing you to easily switch on and off the intensity. The convenient USB charging allows you to charge easily, while the charging hole is at the bottom of the massage stick, which does not affect your daily use.

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Portable is always the advantage of a wireless wand G-SPOT massager, free from the shackles of the traditional charging cable. Soft silicone is strong and durable, effectively preventing the aging problem; With advantages of odorless, antibacterial texture, you can start an orgasm without fear.

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