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The vibrators sold are generally made of high-end PU material to create a smooth velvet touch. Emotions are smooth and sliding, just like the gentle touch of a lover. Focusing on the vibration at the top, it's always exciting, it's 100% so you feel hot. The humanized mute feature makes you private. Undisturbed, infinitely evokes inner desires. Whether it is to enjoy alone or communicate with each other, it is the secret weapon of perfect foreplay!

Vibrator type for sale

G-point stimulation vibrator, multi-point massage vibrator, simulated penis, backyard bead oscillator, contraction motion vibrator, vulvar stimulation vibrator, double breast stimulation vibrator, flirt egg, toy vibrator, AV vibrator all-powerful The amazing speed of the vibrating motor vibration makes the suffocation happy. Made of silicone material, the process requirements are high, the touch is soft, such as the gentle skin of the lover, the surface treatment, reducing the sticky feeling caused by the oxidation reaction, let the brave endurance, can let you feel the stimulation for a long time. Powerful, climax, crazy. The skin is so sensitive, the body is so beautiful, only the most abundant experience can satisfy the desire of desire. Massage vibrators, various vibration modes, more game combinations, or slightly twisted or powerful interpretations, the gameplay is set by you, instantly igniting passion. Enjoy the best depth in all kinds of fun and create happiness in the passion of the whole body. Endless intoxication. The emergence of climax is always unpredictable. This is a surprise. The vibrating massager is a random bomb that bursts in the friction and makes you happy. Waiting, a one-click climax, such as a lover's sex game, will immediately push you to the climax. Hand-painted vibration curves, mobile phone remote control features, bring a unique frequency of happiness. Let your desires burn freely. Safe materials, exquisite, only more intimate, more peace of mind, more intimate. The vibrator is made of food-grade silicone, which is resistant to high temperature and safe and reliable. The vibrator's skin feels smooth, delicate and close to the body. The wireless vibrator is also equipped with privacy protection to protect your desires.

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The waterproof design of the fuselage makes happiness more than in one place. The three surface treatment processes greatly reduce the annoying viscosity caused by the oxidation reaction and have longer happiness. After using the vibrator, rinse the shaker with water and apply evenly. An appropriate amount of non-alcoholic, non-irritating water-soluble detergent. Rinse the vibrator with medium temperature water or cold water. After cleaning, dry the surface with a dry towel and put it in the original. Pack or carry your storage bag to avoid unnecessary scratches or external bacteria. When not using the vibrator, store the vibrator in a ventilated place.

Vibrators for sale

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