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What are sex toys made of

Now female masturbation is no longer a strange thing. In this open society, women should also think about their sexual well-being, so what are sex toys made of? Today I want to recommend sex toys for everyone. Let's take a look at sex toys together.

what are sex toys made of--sex toys?

Sex toys have put a lot of effort into the appearance, abandoning the roughness and directness of the traditional rotating bead stick, and using high-quality silicone to wrap the rotating bead, so that users can have a better skin touch and also get a visually beautiful experience. In addition to the modification of the stick body, the simple and soft lines of sex toys can increase the friction pleasure with the skin. The massage stick has a built-in high-efficiency rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used continuously for up to 2 hours on a single charge. It has a long service life and is environmentally safe. Sex toys 7 kinds of frequency conversion vibration modes with high-tech high-frequency strong power silent motor, ultra-long service life, are all incomparable with traditional rotating rods.

Are sex toys good? Built-in two powerful frequency conversion dual motors, which can simultaneously vulva and G point, vibration stimulation is easier for women to get a blow.

what are sex toys made of--give you multiple sex experiences

Smooth touch: High-quality PU material gives you a smooth touch without any odor, giving you the power to slide freely. Let the strong vibration become so gentle, let the pleasure and pleasure be triggered at once. It's as if his hands are touching the skin, but sex toys know your body better, stop, and stay.

Multi-speed multi-frequency: Multi-frequency multi-speed sex toys dual stimulation vibrator has three passion speeds, is sex toys good? Including the ups and downs of ripples, the turbulence of the waves, the passion of the frenzy, also, there are two vibration modes of the lyrical nocturne and strong samba. Immerse yourself in the flame of enthusiasm and cannot extricate yourself.

Double tremor: Double tremor, let you enjoy the thrill of excitement, enjoy the secret weapon of love, from the internal and external stimuli brought by the shock tremor rod and the flirty rabbit ears, the passion is intertwined and spread, awakening your desire, leading to the deep flower Office.

Are sex toys good? Sex toys point stimulation, seven-band seven-speed, USB charging, waterproof heating double shock frequency conversion squirt massage stick, using sex toys may be able to experience the orgasm that is not experienced in men, do you want to try it?

what are sex toys made of--Notes:

It cannot be shared by many people, and it is easy to be infected with bacteria; pay attention to the use of hygiene and do a good job of cleaning to prevent disease; do not overuse, excessive use of vibrating sticks can easily lead to decreased organ sensitivity, so for a long time, it leads to ordinary Sex has no irritation and pleasure, and can only be stimulated by vibrating massage sticks, which will be a tragedy; to use sex toys to insert into the vagina or anus, a condom, and water-soluble lubricant should be used, which can be safer and lubricated.