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What are the best sex toys

Men's products are mainly divided into four series: masturbation gel, name mold inverted mold, inflatable dolls, and aircraft cups. If the prostate stimulator is not counted, the main introduces here are masturbation gel, name mold inverted mold. Chunky, the reason it is called a famous device, is mainly derived from the fact that these products are taken from the lower body of the actress, what are the best sex toys? And the better brands are Nippori NPG, KMP, pair Hart, TENGA ( Mainly known as the Small Aircraft Cup), RENDS (famous for electric aircraft), and domestic brands. Of course, the most powerful one is the NPG! In the spirit of mastering Yi and controlling the foreigners, I purchased three famous items for research!

The actress's data introduction: internal structure cutaway, the black stripe on the side is lubricating fluid. Here only the upper half of the picture is taken, and the lower half is filled with his brain. Everything is here, the lubricating fluid can be used once, the amount is still quite large, there is 10ML.

What are the best sex toys--small masturbation glue

To sum up, this small plastic has a hard feel on the outside, and will not be softly grasped after grasping it. The internal is tight. It may be because the student’s actress route is taken. The thick students should start carefully and the internal channel is partial. It’s short, you can’t feel the in-depth feeling. You can adjust the stimulation according to the strength of the backhand, so it’s convenient to carry with you.

What are the best sex toys--medium masturbation glue

To sum up, the appearance of this famous device is much softer than the previous one. When the last one is held firmly, there will be no situation of squeezing the glue to the front or the back. Press it, how to say, it's almost like the feel of breasts and buttocks, the internal comfort is moderate, not very tight, and because the material is soft, so although the caliber is the only 5mm, it can still be entered casually, and then it is rewashed Be careful when you feel that the material is not as good as the previous one. Because I have worn out one,Everything is here, a manual, a bottle of Ozawa Maria's love liquid 120ml.

What are the best sex toys--large masturbation glue

Summing up this famous device, the feel is a little softer than that of Mr. Popo’s model, but it is too thick to hold in one hand. If you are using a computer sitting posture, it is estimated that you can’t free your hand to control the mouse. Also, the smell is large. Teacher Bobo also smells, but the first one does not. There is still a smell after cleaning. It is estimated that silicone tastes like this. Because it is a mature woman, the price is also expensive, suitable for wealthy buddies.

The small one is suitable for novices, and the smaller one is suitable for carrying around. The feel and material are good. The material should be much better than the other two. The medium-sized ones are suitable for staying at home. If you hide them, you can live in them. It should be a little cooler to experience others. The large one is suitable for places with privacy. Don't let anyone see it when you are embarrassed. In terms of experience, if you take a proper posture, it will be more comfortable than the other two.

All three models can be heated with warm water. Then interested friends can experience it for themselves, and friends who have children can also buy one for their husbands. After all, this stuff is not good for a long time, take a break.