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Where to buy sex toys near me

This year, the sex toys airplane cup can no longer meet the needs of otaku, sex toys inflatable dolls have become everyone's hot toys, where to buy sex toys near me? Inflatable dolls have real human skin, body shape, hair, love points, making sex more passionate and real. Inflatable sex toys inflatable dolls are angels in the hearts of otakus. So, how to play inflatable sex toys inflatable dolls? I will teach you by hand.

Where to buy sex toys near me--how to play inflatable toys?

Send sex toys inflatable dolls to the bathroom, degrease sex toys dolls. To make the sex toys doll's body soft, the sex toys silicone inflatable doll gel is infused with an oil component, which can also make sex toys dolls emit a charming fragrance. In this way, as time goes by, there will be oil on the surface of sex toy dolls. Therefore, sex toys should be bathed once a week to remove oil. After taking a shower, give Bella sex toys inflatable dolls full body powder. Use ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to take away the grease while removing the oil and take away the dirt on the body. After that, rinse, degrease and pour powder, then wipe off the powder and dirt on the body with a wet towel. Then wait for the sex toys to dry, then pour the powder again to keep the body dry and clean. When your hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place sex toys on. To prevent wear on your fingertips, put stockings on your arms. After the sex toys are ready, put a condom on the erect penis, apply an appropriate amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite method.

Where to buy sex toys near me--Precautions for inflatable toys

The role of "Belly sex toys inflatable doll" seems to reduce the spread of sexual diseases on the surface, but if multiple people use the same sex toys inflatable doll, and the disinfection is not strict, it will also be infectious diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to use "Sex toys inflatable dolls" that should be used as your exclusive. When choosing sex toys inflatable dolls, do not fill them up to feel good and comfortable. In this case, if the force is too large, it will easily cause the sex toys inflatable doll to break open Come, it is recommended to fill up to 80%. After using sex toys inflatable dolls, to keep the body without hollow, it is recommended to use an inflatable tube to suck out the body gas and let it be compressed into a thin layer for the next time.

Master these skills, you can play as much as you want, male friends, now you know how to play the Bella sex toys inflatable doll, after learning, do you think you are a sex toy inflatable doll, where to buy sex toys near me? Then hurry up and buy one at the sexxxotoy mall.