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Where to buy sex toys online

Now more and more men and women are single because people now have higher and higher standards for spouse selection. When sexual desire comes, single men and women also need to be released, so there are many sex toys, many men All use masturbation devices, but you should know that there is not only one type of masturbation device. You have to understand it before buying. Where to buy sex toys online?What are the types of male masturbation devices?

Common types of male masturbation:

Where to buy sex toys online--bump masturbation egg

There are large and small protrusions distributed inside to give rolling stimulation to various parts. It can not only move up and down but also realize rubbing, stroking, turning, etc., the method of use is free. As long as you are creative, you can get the pleasure you want!

Where to buy sex toys online--wavy masturbation egg

The continuous multiple wavy protrusions are surrounded by wavy pleasures that are also inseparable. The soft stimulus generated after crossing a large soft height difference is a feature of this one!

Where to buy sex toys online--webbed cobweb-shaped masturbation egg

The interior is covered with a net-like structure, with countless vertical and horizontal edges, giving you a strong stimulus. The evenly distributed unevenness improves the sense of closeness, surrounded by pleasure in 360 degrees. In fact, there are many types of male masturbation devices for adult products, and every male masturbation device for adult products has a good effect. Therefore, there is no unified answer to how men choose adult masturbation devices. Friends can purchase according to their actual situation. Only the ones you like will be more interesting to use. Although the masturbation device can help single men and women to release libido, the excessive use of masturbation devices has the same side effects as excessive couple life.

Where to buy sex toys online--physical doll

When using physical dolls, we need to use lubricating oil first. Generally, when you buy a baby, you will distribute some. You can go online to buy it after you run out. Lubricating oil is not expensive now. It is quite cheap. Yes, this kind of cleaning is not too oily. How much is used for lubricating oil? This is the feeling of using it. If it's not slippery enough or you can't feel good enough, you can put some more on it. Do I need to bring a sleeve when using it? This is also personal. You can wear it if you want to. Generally, it will be better if you don’t wear it. Remember to clean it after use. It is also necessary to clean it without a sleeve. Because there is oil, cleaning is also responsible for yourself Responsible for the doll. Physical dolls are personal items, so when buying physical dolls, you must not buy fakes or those that do not meet safety and health standards, so as not to endanger your own health.

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