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The devil teacher who can be fast or slow "-Mingqi vibrator Tianhaiyi (medium and low stimulation), where to buy sex toys? The product brought to you this time is a heavy product from NPG-Mingqi · tianhai. Sexxxotoy malls can be purchased.

Since NPG started a brand-new product line with the name of "Mingqi", I found that the new NPG has selectively inherited the characteristics of previous products, such as K02 inheriting the 011 end silicone design. How about this vibrator's abandonment of the previous work? Come and experience it with me!

When I first saw the packaging box of the vibrator, I couldn't help but gave a smile in my heart! Despite changing the name and product line, the taste of NPG is still pure: slightly fancy packaging and a female headshot with the endorsement of the product. The Japanese-style design makes you not know the box at first sight. Where is the point! But fortunately, Miss Tianhai on the box smiles like a flower, looks like a small face version of Aragaki Yui, it is easy to attract my eyes (I did n’t say Jakki is big, hee hee). The box also wrote a personal profile of Miss Tianhai's sister. The measurements of 85-60-88 are very perfect, which is slightly fuller than Miss Dongling who endorses K02.

The design of the vibrator for the box is different from the previous work. The box that was opened up and down this time was designed into a gift and style. The design with a lid makes the vibrator look a lot of high-end. Take out the body and weigh it in your hand. The weight is enough to be gratifying. Although the 600g material is not as good as the previous Angel r hole, it is a sharp weapon in the medium-sized name. The end of the toy follows the tradition of the famous certificate series and is printed with the autograph of Tianhai つ ば さ. The entrance of the toy is simulated, with skin folds and textures. The entrance of the vibrator is designed to have a slightly mature shape. The upper part of the entrance of the vibrator is designed with a very obvious "little bean", which looks a bit sexy. It was rare in the previous series of proof of fame. Compared with the previous 011 and K02, this time the vibrator finally gave up the silicone design at the end! (Warm applause) But to be honest, after using the end silicone that simulates the body shaking of the female s-bit, and then using the original simple design, it is still not very used to it. But not accustomed does not mean bad. It is very convenient and easy to use to remove the "cumbersome" vibrator. Tintin has a much stronger touch in the tail than K02. This design also causes the vibrator to be more stimulating than K02.

Where to buy sex toys--practice to use

However, to achieve the goal of practice, it should be pushed up to the bottom with full strength, and then held up. Waiting for the feeling to drop down and slowly move away, this is also in line with the actual action. The feeling of women can be quickly mobilized. In this exercise, consciously control the delicate movements and changes of each part, and slowly practice to reach the realm of the master. In the future, the female and female will also be able to make the female climax one after another, endless.