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Where to find sex toys

Masturbation is a way to release this physiological demand. Many girls may use sex toys for masturbation. Masturbation is a very common sex toy in life. Where to find sex toys? Where to find sex toys? There are many advantages, but there are many points to pay attention to when using the vibrator. How about sex toys frequency conversion automatic plug-in vibrator?

Where to find sex toys--How about inserting a vibrator?

The dual-motor design of sex toys frequency conversion and automatic insertion and insertion of vibrating rods stimulates more powerfully. It abandons the main motor drive of the traditional vibrator. Small head. The vibration mode adopts a dual-head motor one-key control system. climax. The powerful motor at the back end stimulates the honey beans and triggers the climax of the dense beans. The motors used in the sex toys frequency conversion automatic extraction vibrating rods have reached the international standard, safe, durable, and powerful. There is a possibility of causing malfunction, discoloration, and deformation. It is recommended that friends who need to use a longer period of time charge the battery in advance.

Where to find sex toys--Washing method of the female masturbator

(Before use): You can use it directly after washing, or use 1% Xin Jie Er Yin lotion or 75% medical alcohol to scrub and disinfect, and apply a small amount of lubricant; it is better to use with condoms. (In use): It can be used directly, or it can be heated or frozen as you like. If you want to enjoy the warm feeling, you can soak the crystal glass in warm water for 1-5 minutes; if you desire to get sexy trembling, you can put the crystal Place the glass in ice water or refrigerator for a few minutes to enjoy. (After use): Put the items to be cleaned after mixing with ordinary cleaning liquid, wash with a soft brush or hand, then rinse with clean water, take it out to control dry, wipe with a soft towel when semi-dry That's it, no watermarks or handprints. Note: Don't wait for the water to dry before wiping, because the water will leave watermarks after drying, you must wipe it half dry. If you want to make the crystal products brighter, put them in the sun for 2-3 hours after washing to absorb the sunlight The product is brighter.

Where to find sex toys--Precautions for masturbation

Use water or warm water for cleaning. If there is a dirty place, please use soap or neutral detergent, and do not use laundry tools such as laundry detergent. After washing, wipe off the water with a soft dry cloth. Do not use hot water to clean the material of the masturbation device. Do not soak or boil for a long time. Do not use banana water, benzene, alcohol lamp solvent, it may be deformed and discolored. Male masturbation devices should not be used with silicone oil lubricants, massage oils, baby lotion oils, or other oily lubricants.

In summary, the vibrator is actually a sex toy like many masturbators, and the principle is similar, but the appearance is slightly different. It’s the same with each other, see which one your friends prefer to choose. Of course, it is safe to use sex toys frequency conversion automatic plug-in vibrator! Where to find sex toys? Various sex toys for sexxxotoy mall for you to choose from!