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Where to hide sex toys

Where to hide sex toys? Five bases for the storage of private items. After sorting out the background reply, Yan sauce looks astonishing for folk wisdom. In summary, there are five bases for storage

Where to hide sex toys--bedside table

Remove the packaging and change the box, it must be a bedside table drawer, the most convenient. But my mom loves to clean, and she doesn’t miss the corners. I’m afraid she will see these secret items, so I unpack it when I buy it, and put it in a carton. There are a few postcards on it. Wait, do you wit? Disguise should be very successful because my mother never turned it over! (I'm so worried, your mother actually turned it over, but just restored it to its original state)

Sex toys are stored in a small box in the drawer of the bedside table, so you can hide them well. BUT! Once I washed the toy and forgot it on the bathroom table... Because it looks relatively Q, I hope that the aunt will not look at it at a glance. Ah, ah, ah, it is directly placed in the drawer, sometimes friends come to play I asked them to turn the drawer directly when they were doing things, and the result was... Everyone shouldn’t see what each other should do. There are always secret bases around the bed. Does anyone hide the cover in the pillowcase like me? (Yan sauce is curious, will you accidentally throw it into the washing machine together?)

Where to hide sex toys--closet

My home is a shot for another place, there is a fart boy who loves to pull things, a little secret let him go out. It has been stuffed under the mattress for the past six months. Hey, this method is very good. The first father and mother will not move the mattress when cleaning, and the second child will not lift the mattress. Single, living alone, my parents have the keys, sometimes they come to cook a meal or help me organize things, mainly because my mother wants to take the opportunity to investigate my problems. How smart I am. There is a big plush bear on the bed. There is an invisible zipper on the back. I hid the little toy inside. My mother never found it. Wardrobe, the mainstream choice for families with children. I originally thought that the bedside table is the mainstream choice for storage sets according to the principle of proximity. From the perspective of sharing, especially families with children, most choose wardrobes. Personal belongings are generally not placed on the bedside table, but in small drawers locked in the closet. The key is also in a secret place in the closet, making sure that the child cannot get it. (I’m so worried, what can I do if I can’t find the key swollen at all times)

Locked in the suitcase! It's funny that my mother went to Korea to play once and asked me to borrow a suitcase and three suitcases at home. She had to look at the secret one. Fortunately, I set a password and she couldn't open it. Children are jumping up and down at home, the safest place is on the top of the closet. The picture is a little awkward, can you imagine? Every time I let my husband stand on the bedside table to get a sleeve, I want to laugh. (The picture is too beautiful to dare to think)

Where to hide sex toys--safe

Safe, solve all your worries. Is it like me, in the coat pocket hanging? The most conspicuous location is the safest and convenient to pick up. It is safe and convenient to carry with you. Most of the people who take it with you are single, mainly to prevent parents from checking their posts. Living with my in-laws, I was afraid that the old man would turn things over, so I couldn't find a place to rest assured at home, so I let my husband take it with him, and he put it in the backpack mezzanine.