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Where to order sex toys

After puberty, people's sexual desires will become stronger, which is a normal physiological response. where to order sex toys? There are many types of sex toys in the sex to toy mall. Women use massage sticks to solve their physiological problems, do you know that they are also skilled when using massage sticks, in addition to the traditional use of private parts massage, or strong and powerful pounding on the shoulders, because the weight of the massage stick is concentrated on the massage head, Significantly strengthened the massage intensity, can effectively relieve soreness. What are the advantages of using sex toys?

Where to order sex toys--Precautions for using masturbation

Test the buttons on the toy to understand the various functions of the product, such as vibration mode, strength, speed, etc. Check if the product has sharp edges or barbs to ensure safe use. Gently pull various types of cables to ensure a firm connection.

If the product has quality defects, stop using it immediately. If possible, please apply a little lubricant when the machine is turned off. It will effectively improve the toy experience and eliminate the frictional pain caused by dryness. It is recommended to choose a lubricant with a larger viscosity for the toy.

Vibration toys will shock forever as long as there is electricity. Although overheating may burn the motor, the time before burning is enough for you to explore every part of the body and find the place you like the most. Most women use this type of toy for stimulating honey beans. They claim that honey beans respond to vibration stimuli much stronger than other parts, but more women claim that other parts can also bring completely different feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare two or more toys with different vibration types.

Most vibrating toys have a speed regulation function (more than two vibration speeds, but small bullet-type jumping eggs usually do not have a speed regulation function). Use it in low-speed mode. If low-speed mode still makes you feel too strong, please wrap it with a towel and try again, or reduce the pressure of the toy on the skin. You may find that the vibration speed and intensity corresponding to the best feeling in different parts of the body are different.

Where to order sex toys--The advantages of sex toys

The whole seal is waterproof and can be enjoyed in water. It is easy to clean and can be rinsed in water. The mid-end design is thin, without worrying about supporting large private parts, streamlined, ergonomic; using medical silicone material, the touch is delicate and comfortable, care for private parts, no need to worry Hygiene problems, the dual motors disengage, and stimulate points C and G at the same time, bringing a high rate of high tide. Silent imported vibration machine, critically silent, and enjoy the indulgence moment without vibration and noise. 10 Bandwidth Vibration to unleash the long-lost feeling (to do whatever you want) to stimulate longing).

With such a sex product, it will make you have an orgasm and endless aftertaste. Also, there are many types of sex products, which can have different effects on different people. We may wish to learn more and choose some suitable sex products for ourselves.