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Where to store sex toys

How about sex toys av sticks? where to store sex toys? sex toys av rod passion 10 frequency conversion, high-quality motor for the most discerning configuration for climax screening. Let me give you a detailed introduction to sex toys av sticks, everyone will know the answer after reading it.

How about sex toys av sticks?

The overall vibrating AV stick is divided into the head used for massaging and the handle for placing the remote control. Most AV rods are designed with frequency conversion, and the control device is on the rod. You can choose the appropriate vibration frequency according to your needs.

Features of sex toys av stick

How about sex toys av sticks? The simple and stylish appearance is popular among the public. The shape is small and compact, it is quite convenient to carry and use.

Adjustable head design, free to bend the angle, you can choose the massage position. Frequency conversion remote control, enjoy the thrill of tailor-made for yourself. How about sex toys av sticks? sex toys av stick different head massage, different ways of experience.

Use and maintenance instructions of sex toys av stick

Before using sex toys av rods, please sterilize them and insert the batteries according to the instructions. After using the sex toys av stick, please take out the battery, clean and disinfect the product, and then dry the surface of the product to save it. To prolong the life of the product, please keep it in a cool and ventilated place, and avoid sun exposure and keep away from children.

Precautions for using sex toys av stick

Such products are for personal and couple use only, and cannot be borrowed or transferred. How about sex toys av sticks? The sex toys' av stick is fully upgraded, no manual adjustment is required, and your hands are completely released. When a person is lonely and empty at home, you can easily solve physiological needs by yourself.

Who is suitable for sex toys av stick? For female friends, you can have sex even if you don’t have a boyfriend. You only need to have a magic weapon, which is sex toys av.

Who is suitable for sex toys av stick?

Single nobles: Because of their good conditions, women friends who did not find a suitable partner for a while, the existence of sex toys av sticks is to protect their love life, let them consider themselves in a self-love way, Love yourself. You can also know your sensitive area and better understand your physical needs so that when your real emperor or goddess appears, it will help your love life, more harmonious and more interesting.

Long-term separation: What are the suitable groups for sex toys av sticks? Women who have been separated for a long time are the most suitable. Because of work reasons, it takes a long time for both parties to meet once. However, when a person always has a particularly strong desire, this time sex toys av sticks play its role, alleviating the stress in daily life, which is to relax the body and mind.

The husband is not good: There is a class of people. Although there is a husband, the husband is sexually impaired, so they need sex toys av sticks even more. The use of sex toys av sticks can effectively reduce extramarital sex, which is conducive to family harmony and stability.