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Who invented sex toys

Summary of content: In history, the most inventable invention for men and the most shameful for women, do you know what? who invented sex toys? Do you know who invented condoms and inflatable dolls? This article will reveal to you in detail Open these secrets.

Many inventions and creations have brought profound changes to mankind. Steam engines, electric lights, the Internet, and also such symbolic inventions as condoms, inflatable dolls, and stockings are very strong and can only be quietly understood and unstoppable.

Who invented sex toys--Joseph Condom

Although Joseph Condom invented the first condom using lamb cecum as raw material, to prevent disease and contraception. However, historical data shows that he is not the originator of condoms, and similar "love-tools" are depicted in works of art from ancient Egypt and Roman times. This earliest condom is made of animal bladder or swim bladder, and its function is not to prevent disease and contraception. It is used as jewelry like jewelry worn by women. Men usually hang it on the body, which is a symbol of wealth and status.

Who invented sex toys--Inventor of inflatable dolls: Boghill

During World War II, to meet the normal needs of German soldiers, Hitler himself personally assigned the task to the SS (Waffen-SS) commander Heinrich Himmler (Heinrich Himmler): to produce soldiers to vent inflatable dolls. The first inflatable doll was produced in September 1941, but the plan ended in frustration. Because of the unfavorable conditions of the war, the Nazis put their financial focus on the wider battlefield. In August 1955, Max Weissbrodt of Hauser Company released the world's first batch of inflatable dolls, named BildLilli. Someone directly awarded the title of "Father of Inflatable Dolls" to Hitler.

Who invented sex toys--Bra inventor: Mary Philip Jacob

The corsage was first produced in the 16th century during the Roman period. It was a corset made of iron and wood. At that time, women were completely skinless until the "Crusade". With the development of textile technology, the use of whale fashion began in the late 16th century. , Tights made of steel wire and rattan. In the mid-19th century, women were intolerant of corsets and demanded the liberation of the waist. Mary Philip Jacobs obtained the first Bra's invention patent. This product is made of two handkerchiefs and pink ribbons. It is called the backless Bra, which is now popular. The prototype of the Bra. As soon as this Bra came out, it won the favor of the majority of women. After the start of the First World War, Bra waited to be promoted and popularized soon.

Who invented sex toys--stockings

The action of Tang Weituo's stockings in the stockings "Color Rings" fascinatingly interprets women's sexiness. As everyone knows, stockings were originally worn for men! As early as the 16th century, French courts and upper-class societies were obsessed with colored stockings, but At that time, the wearers of stockings were mainly men. To speed up production, the Englishman William Lee (WilliamLee) invented the mechanical knitting machine, so that more people fall in love with stockings. It was not until the appearance of nylon in the 1930s that women who loved beauty enjoyed the elastic and close protection brought by stockings.