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Who sells sex toys

If you have no objections to using sex toys, the vibrator is a good choice, it can reliably and effectively bring you into the beautiful feeling of orgasm. Who sells sex toys? Vibrating sticks are also divided into several categories. The general message sticks are used to relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and the sexy massage sticks can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of women, so as to stimulate sexual desire. And it can also be used to comfort, so today talk about the harm of long-term use of masturbation devices and the maintenance methods of sex toys vibrator.

Who sells sex toys--hazards of masturbation for a long time

The long-term use of masturbation devices has created a dependency habit, and you cannot get pleasure from this familiar habit. The long-term dependence of autogenous genitalia on masturbation devices produces a sense of strangeness or rejection of heterosexual genitalia, and even clinical resistance. Long-term use of masturbation to masturbate will have a very harmful psychological prejudice. A person's unilateral satisfaction leads to separation from the sexual object of love and cannot please each other. Not adapted. When masturbating, people's feelings are reacted according to the frequency of masturbation sticks. But once it is replaced with a living person, it is easy for women to get used to it. Finally, the climax cannot be reached. Foreign matter enters the body. For example, some girls used cucumber to masturbate, and finally, the cucumber broke into the body. What's more, some homosexuals will choose to insert a wooden stick in the anus to find pleasure, and finally bring bacteria into the disease. Develop dependence. In fact, some masturbators give people a stronger sense of stimulation than mating. For example, a woman can't bear her husband's indifferent sex and starts to try a masturbation device. In the end, she doesn’t need a husband and can’t get rid of the masturbation device.

Who sells sex toys--sex toys vibrating stick maintenance method

The “toy” after use has a lot of secretions and lubricating oil residues. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, so please clean your “toy” as soon as possible after use. When cleaning, avoid getting water on the switch, power supply, etc., rubbing with fingers while washing, do not use a brush or acidic detergent to clean. After washing, it is best to wipe with a dry cotton cloth, or a high-quality paper towel is also a good choice. After wiping, let it dry naturally to avoid exposure to the sun!

Finally, you can use special cleaning liquid or diluted alcohol (75%) for disinfection, or you can sprinkle some talcum powder before storing it.

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